3Speak- Free Speech in 2020. STEPHEN KING Quits Facebook

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As censorship increases on popular social, look to platforms including Steemit and 3Speak for a real experience.

Stephen King has quit facebook due to privacy and data security concerns. There have been issues of censorship, data breaches and disregard of privacy on the popular website.

Moving forward, producers will use websites like 3Speak to host videos and build audiences. How cool is getting paid a week after your content drops? The downside is thst content on 3Speak is not evergreen, but staked STEEM coins earn 2.x% on the website, so that counts as passive income.

Going forward, I will do my best to promote 3Speak and Steemit as alternatives to popular social media websites.

Instead of Twitter, use Dlike. Instead of Instagram, use Appics. Use 3Speak and Dtube instead of Youtube. Use Steemit as your content creation home base.

Long live free speech. Long live 3Speak.

Picture from Pixabay.


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