If You Are Going To Thailand On A Philippine Passport, Do You Need Show Money

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"If You Are Going To Thailand On A Philippine Passport, Do You Need Show Money?"

The above is a question without a solid answer on the internet and i decided to answer the question in this video, based on my experience with hopes that the information helps someone.

I went through a worrisome ordeal before my trip to Thailand last November as i was visiting Thailand on an almost zero budget, with most articles on the internet indicating the need for 'show money' to scale through immigration at NAIA (airport) prior to departure. Some articles were specific as to the 'required minimum amount', stating 'some 10k baht for a single person and some 20k baht for families'.

My worry compounded when i asked a Filipino residing in Thailand if there is such thing as 'show money' and he told me that that is the case, considering that the immigration tend to assume that Filipinos may turn out in Thailand on a tourist visa only to end up taking a job etc. He had told me that i should have at least 20k worth of baht (in PHP) to be safe.

As it turned out, i ended up turning to the airport with only 2000 PHP and in the video, i reiterated all that happened. Where you watch the video and you have had the question at hand unanswered, you will find your answers.

My 2000 PHP came in handy at the airport but not at the immigration. I was to pay a travel tax fee and that is where that money went.

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