Justin Sun Inserts Himself Again Into The Working Of Steem

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Justin Sun said he had no desire to get involved in governance; he did.

Now he has inserted himself into the way rewards are distributed.

In this video I cover how Sun is stooping to every level he can.

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Just an idea...let him run jis stake as he sees fit. LIBERTY first, allow this too play out as if he was any other investor. He will make his money and leave or continue to promote and help build to make more money. Eh, whatvez.

Sure but this is also a DPOS chain so that means he can just turn Steem into a fancy database by centralizing it.
So it not exactly of let him have free will.
At most some type steem asset can be made that lets him vote posts/comments but not for witness or sell kinda like a very restricted steem power.

Right now there is nothing stopping him from powering down and taking him money like any other investors @fracasgrimm.

If he powered down, he would get 1/13th his stake eah week like the rest of us...he could move it to his exchange and sell.

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So you think the stake belongs to him because he controls it, and he can do whatever he wants.

You are in a minority on this one. Most of the community things this is bad.

Enjoy the abuse he is doing. His actions are not sustainable and will drive the rest of us away.

You are right man. This guy will not stop unless witnesses do something right now before it's too late. The solution you talked about is the only one, even if some will not agree, the damage he's doing is much worse. Witnesses should do it !

I saw this coming. He has obviously given up trying to negotiate fairly.

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it seems this justin sun is not just ready to let progress reign in the steem community,what exactly does he want??@taskmaster4450

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I am tired of Sun's stories flooding steem. We are giving him more attention than he deserves.

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I always appreciate hearing your views! ❤️

Back at it again! Good video,friend.