The Battle Against Tyranny

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Technology is getting ever more powerful. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it helps humanity but, at the same time, we are going to see the ability for tyranny expand.

In this video I discuss the impact of technology on things and how we all must do everything to stand up to tyranny. This is already being waged on Steem with the community standing up to Justin Sun

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what an informative post from you...@taskmaster4450

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I bet there are a lot of people on Tron that don't deserve to be punished for their fearless leader's insolence. After this is all over, a Steem/Tron partnership could be the poster-child of trustless collaboration. When there is no trust left, going fully trustless is the only answer.

sad but that is just the fact,i totally agree with you...@edicted

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