3Speak is now Officially a STEEMFEST Sponsor!

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Hello Everyone,

Steemfest is around the corner and we are delighted to inform you that 3Speak is now officially a Sponsor along with several other amazing STEEM based Projects.


We will cover a lunch and contribute towards the brochure of 3Speak which can be seen on the event's venue. If you notice it, please click a picture with it and share on STEEM ;) Wouldn't it be fun?



For those who do not know yet, Steemfest is a 5 day special event for Steemians all over the world to come and interact with each other. This year it is happening in the beautiful city Bangkok, Thailand.

"Enjoy, meet and learn from fellow Steemians through the conference and social events scattered across several locations in the city home to an exorbitant amount of sights, temples, great food, bizarre diversity, vastness, nightlife and you!"

Source: https://steemfest.com/

We hope that our sponsorship boosts the whole event & activities planned. It will also help us to spread our brand's awareness and the range of our products/services. We might attract a few more Steemians to be a part of our platform.

Welcome to #NewSteem

Welcome to #NewThreeSpeak

Buy SPEAK Token


Rate us here

Dapp.com - https://www.dapp.com/dapp/3speak
State of the Dapps - https://www.dapp.com/dapp/3speak

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I think you should remove your vote @threespeak
There are also other votes as well I think you should remove from my account.

Oh my God. Amazing news!!!💪 Great to meet you in Bangkok

Good job :D Glad to see you participating this year! This is a product that didn't exist only a year ago <3

Wow great news! This is awesome!

@threespeak and @ocdb you downvote my post https://steemit.com/science/@malay11/only-crispr-gene-edited-tool-can-save-cavendish-banana-from-extinction
Please let me know the reson behind your downvote.
Please explain me so that i can post better.
Thanks for everything.

Why did you unvoted my post? It's totally my recipe

@forever-gala This guy is @theycallmedan he did the same to me!! His name is @theycallmedan the founder of this bullshit @threespeak.

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Greed Evil!!!@threespeak He needs to steal other's people, money for his benefits.

@steem need to pay attention to this group of evil!

I'm not a New user. I'm here from the begining from 2016


First of all who you are?

And who mentioned you and when? Explain yourself in order to understand what you wrote?

In addition... you think because you are here in @steemit since 2016 you feel entitled to do what you want?

In my opinion, you would suppose to give a great example here in @Steemit.

I really don't have time for people like you my time is too valuable!

What I'm doing?
I share my life & recipes of my meal ) I don't think that it's unlegal ))) And I didn-t ast you to spell your time on me.

I think she is accusing you of being 3speak.

Was 3speak your recipe?

What is 3speak?

You are commenting in a post of theirs and you ask me? Look at the other comments and you will see a comment claiming you are 3speak. That is all I know.

They are downvoting those who are using upvote bots to protect steem. Just don't use upvote bots and everything will be ok. I also stoped using them. There is a big war in steem against them to improve the quality here. Try to find communities to grow in. For example you can grow in https://www.creativecoin.xyz/ ( it's a tribe that accept cooking content ). You may find there your audiance.

Thanks for the info, I got a downvote by threespeak too and was wondering why. Kind of weird how this post has a $13+ vote from upmewhale, which I think is a bidbot...just sayin.

Also also has an upvote from the realwolf, who runs smartmarket, which I have long used as a bid bot...

Just accept that this is the direction steemit is taking and only once they are rid of all who dissent, will they show us what they really intend for this platform.

In real life we have a Trump to fight them, wonder who will be our Trump on steemit?

Sincerely, with the development around @threespeak, it's no doubt that it will be a part of the lead sponsor of #Steemfest and deserves the all-round recognition that surrounds #Steemfest.

I hope there shall be a dedicated channel on https://3speak.online for streams and clips of happenings at Steemfest.

Meanwhile, I'll go to rate @Threespeak on Dapp.com and State of the Dapps . Please check the State of the Dapps link and correct as appropriate. I think it should be: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/dapps/3speak

Wow thats mind blowing new for us,hope exciting moment wait for us @threespeak with @theycallmedan

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That's awesome guys! Will see you guys IRL soon!

Very cool. I love you guys and I love your projects!

How can i upload on @threespeak video, i was joined but Couldn't upload vide why?

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I wish I could get to Steemfest :(

That’s awesome that you guys are a sponsor. I plan to start making videos soon (time is very limited at the moment) and your app is my first preference.

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@threespeak, Cool Logo on Sponsorship list and hope that this will going to bring lot of visibility and exposure to Threespeak Platform. Good wishes from my side team and i am putting my efforts to join this Fest.

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It's a great news,go ahed 3speak.

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@threespeak Congratulations, it's a great achievement, it's wonderful that you get to be part of the sponsor team, this is great, we heartily congratulate you, you are doing a great job on our Steem platform.

Congratulations FRIENDS.

Wow, That's sounds Amazing! It’s a great news! Congratulations!!

Go ahead 3speak, all the best! Keep it up!!


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This is the reason why you were downvoted:


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Great to have awesome communities promote and support steem!

This is really lovely threespeak is moving forward. Threespeak all the way

Hello @threespeak and @theycallmedan why i could not open the creator studio? Last two days its not work.by the way i already paid 30 steem

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It's great to be having 3speak being represented well at steemfest, I think this will be the proper avenue to reintroduce 3speak and the amazing role it'll play in steem's future as one of the top dapps I'll be looking forward to how it'll turn out. Cheers guys

That's a good one...