Maximize Curation Rewards with @ThreeSpeak.

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Hello Everyone,

HF21 introduced some remarkable changes especially for curators on STEEM Blockchain. If you are loaded with SP, doesn't matter high or low, this should interest you:

Economic Improvement Proposal

These changes supposedly improve the economics on STEEM. To a great extent it has changed the behavior of users observed by everyone so far. Self-upvoting has gone down. Bid Bots are now converting themselves into manual/smart curation projects. Since curation is booming, we also visualize scope for creators to earn a little extra in the process.

There are three key components of EIP:

  • Moving from a linear rewards curve to a convergent linear rewards curve. In layman terms, the convergent linear rewards curve will penalize posts that have low pending payouts. These types of posts are presumed to be lower quality and supported by self-votes. Posts that receive more reward shares will obtain higher payouts.
  • Increasing the percentage of rewards that are distributed to curators. Now the rewards will be split as per 50:50 ration for Authors and Curators.
  • Create a separate “downvote pool”. We now have a separate downvote power. It gives anyone the ability to downvote without losing out on their voting power.

Vote Window Change

Voting window has been changed from 15 minutes to 5 minutes only. This simply means that curators closer to 5 minute mark will get max. share of Curation rewards depending upon their voting percentage and SP.

All the above changes will slowly turn the dynamics of this platform, some of which have revised already.


Maximize Curation Rewards with @ThreeSpeak

Generally for a new post, we upvote after 8 minutes. This means if someone is watching a 3speak video and vote before 8th minute, they can benefit from the large threespeak vote coming on the post. Now this doesn't mean that anyone blindly upvotes anything. Make sure that you upvote videos with highest quality content. There is a good chance that those videos would get substantial upvotes from other users as well.

We hope that this little piece of info will help you maximize your rewards as a curator. It will also encourage our creators to make better content and promote STEEM outside STEEM.

Welcome to #NewSteem

Welcome to #NewThreeSpeak


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Wow, I learned something new: I didn't realize that the voting window has been reduced to 5 minutes from previously 15 now. Thanks for pointing that out, as it will change my voting behavior for sure. Also that you upvote after 8 minutes. How does that work anyways? I usually receive 3Speak upvotes after a few days.

Hey @flauwy, Welcome to the #NewSteem.

Our curators manually review and put the videos in the queue for upvoting only when the post is 8 minutes old. Sometimes the review can take time depending upon the number of videos uploaded everyday. This time could be days as well. :))

I feel proud for join this platform, if you want to like make video vlogging you should join this platform quickly and share your life experience with this.. I hope no one upset staying this platform.

I hearty love @threespeak authority to make it and i enjoy here about 15 days..hope delighting future wait for us

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Many of the oldskool people still haven't realised :)

@threespeak is a platform with jaw breaking contents, a rare gem teacher and tutor of depth of financial intelligence.
I've really modeled this project, steemers may not know but every time #3speak posts entertain at the same time educate me.
I could literally ignore some posts from other projects but engage with yours on because of value!
Thanks 💯💯

@tonytrillions This is really amazing.

Wow. This awesome. I'm impressed @threespeak is taking it time to officially announce this. I also observed the changes in the voting window and the increasing in curation rewards also. Apart from maximizing curation rewards which is a benefit on the voter, this will also help users who post on the threespeak platform earn more on their content which is a plus on both parties. Nice strategy you've got there @threespeak

It's the way the new system now works and I'm glad to say I vote before the 8 minutes and maximize the reward system really. In all fairness it's also amazing to see that you guys care for and understand your engagers and let's help 3speak grow together

Yes bro,i also love this platform honesty and cordial impression. Hope bright future wait for us..thanks

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Gracias, buenas recomendaciones

Good piece of information

Awesome info about the 8 minutes! Splinterlands and 3Speak go great together!!
Elemental Phoenix (700px, 10fps).gif

Friend @@@threespeak It is always important to be updated, you give us the opportunity to continue learning, not only winning a few STEEM, but knowing the platform better and learning from it, I love its interface, it is very friendly, have done a good job, encourage, keep going.

Thanks f educating us further on curation curve. Certainly, curating with @threespeak os a worthwhile activity on Steem since 3speak stands for #freespeech and #quality videos

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I feel proud for join this platform, if you want to like make video vlogging you should join this platform quickly and share your life experience with this.. I hope no one upset staying this platform.

I hearty love @threespeak authority to make it and i enjoy here about 15 days..this small days i learned more things about my life and my struggle in this platform and even so much enjoying.

hope delighting future wait for us

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You downvoted me without explanation like an incel coward.

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I have noticed, on my videos at least, that if you do upvote a video, it tends to happen at about the 24 to 36 hour point, not the 8 minute point as this point claims.

@threespeak, Definitely this will going to make the Curation Economy more effective and will going to bring up more opportunities for the Curators and inturn it's a great boost for the Content Creation Economy because of more boost in Engagement.

Keep up the awesome work team and stay blessed.

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This is a nice incentive for people to vlog and curate your vlogs.
Very smart.
Two questions?
Do you have a curation trail?
Do you have private delegator?


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