Use @ThreeSpeak's Upvotes to Reward Your Most Engaging Followers!

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Reward Your Followers

Every day one of the top 30 creators on @threespeak will have the privilege of taking control of the @threespeak's account in order to reward their best followers.

See the Leaderboard for the users who can use 3Speak's voting power. In order to win this opportunity, you have to consistently create valuable content of high quality that is widely viewed to make it into the top 30 creators. The idea behind this is to make sure that creators, especially those with followings outside of Steem are incentivised to ask their followers to come accross to Steem and comment on their blogs.

This works on @threespeak since we have implemented a proxy account commenting system whereby users do not need a Steem account in order to comment on @threespeak!!

First Run

We recently had the first run of this feature. @Exyle was selected as the first month's winner and he has made the best use of it. Let's find out how:

He asked people about what they think of 3Speak as a video sharing platform. Have a look at the video below:

?? Watch on 3Speak

This post has got 108 comments in total with upvotes worth more than $50 by @threespeak, @exyle and other Steemians. Check out the top 5 comments:

by @holm
by @gillianpearce
by @flauwy
by @eltrompetista
by @chireerocks

Special thanks to @exyle for utilizing this opportunity and everyone who provided their valuable comments on the video. Our aim was to improve engagement and that's what happened. On top of all this, we got great feedback. We are happy to see everyone pouring their heart out & setting the right expectations from the platform. If not all, we will try to add as many features as you guys have asked. Good thing is that our devs are already working on some of them. ;)

How to Use

This featured can be used (not limited to) for the following ways:

  • To get exclusive feedback from top users and customers.
  • To reward your most active followers.
  • To attract new viewership due to greater visibility.
  • To boost video views and overall watch time.

We will continue to release new features and updates on 3Speak. Keep the Feedback coming and keep creating. ;)

Welcome to #NewSteem

Welcome to #NewThreeSpeak


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It's a cool feature to enhance the engagement levels and another good part is that It might attract the users from outside the platform as well. I just saw this tweet and i guess, it's inviting and indirectly works like a good advertisement.

  ·  last year (edited)

@threespeak Why you downvote me? My article has originál content and I buy upvote to promote my country too...

@ocdb Why you downwote me? I buy upvotes, Because I want to promo my article about my Motherland. Why do you do this? Thats not fair.

I just logged in and got this:

Before I can accept...

What exactly is "violence"?

My activism involves civil disobedience of unjust cannabis laws here in Canada. Sometimes, police use violence to break up our peaceful protests and markets. Would something like this be against the rules because it is "footage of violence"?

Calling for violence, I get that.

Footage of violence, that's open to a wide array of stuff I'd want to see on a free speech platform. You cannot hold those committing violence accountable for their actions if their actions cannot be proven and documented publicly.

Well said, I agree with that stance. There's really no legit reason for calling for violence, since violence is something generally to be avoided. So on the flip side of the same coin, we must be able to expose those doing violence (especially aggressive violence). I certainly hope not to get a "platform wide permanent ban" for exposing violence, such as police violently arresting peaceful activists doing constitutionally-protected civil disobedience of unjust laws.
And judging by the upvotes we both received, it probably isn't going to be a problem.
Now, to save up for my monthly membership fee..

Hello @drutter, Footage of violence during a protest is fine with the intent of exposing the oppressor.

We are talking about individuals INCITING violence against others directly or promoting it in their videos. We will soon publish a detailed explanation on this point.

Sounds good, thank you for being a little more clear about that. I feel good about accepting the agreement now. I certainly never have or will incite violence, but do plan to continue to expose and document it when it happens (such as by police against peaceful cannabis activists). Thanks!

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes i am so happy to join this amazing @threespeak platform. I am stying in this platform 20 day's i am proud to being a part this.and also get lots of honest man who are always support me as like @theycallmedan. this guys is really so responsible and promoting to us. I am getting lots of reward by postin and commenting @threespeak vlog post.

I hope next its future is so bright and delightful .
Thanks all this guys who are connected this platform authorities.

  ·  last year (edited)

on the one hand, it's good that the author is trying to interact with the recipients, but on the other hand, it's not ok that a few sentence comments that cost its creator a minimum of effort can earn more than a post that took him several hours to write.

Every day one of the top 30 creators on @threespeak will have the privilege of taking control of the @threespeak's account in order to reward their best followers.

Ok So can I be among those Top 30 and I get a chance upvote and reward follower of my channel or best comment from anyone on Steem blockchain or not on Steem Blockchain. @wayo Hey dude can you please explain me what this all is about?

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Awesome initiative. One of my comments got a healthy upvote recently. I finally published my first video and I'm excited to be around here and talk about stuff

It's really great to see this initiative in motion and not only that 3speak have really made a significant impact on Video content creators. Keep it going 3speak !!

@threespeak, Thank you so much for your kind mention team and it's encouraging aspect for me. Put these Motivating Bricks today because these initiatives and these efforts are going to become tomorrow's Foundation of this Journey. Stay blessed team.

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Wow that’s freakin’ awesome! You guys at 3speak is setting the bar high! Great platform 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Threespeak is the most profitable daps for content creators and followers who make comments. Amazing.

Well the concept of valuable engagement is a proof of the fact that the 3speak framework and structure is really working well. What can I say, thanks to @exyle and a whole lot of other people for really emphasising the onus of engagement and viewership I believe going forward we would need to to draw other people out there to the prospect of 3speak. I'm looking forward to seeing how it would turn out this month. Engagement has increased tremendously and I'm so glad 3speak keeps facilitating growth to steem at large.

Yo man ! what is this world. 1st Day Here Totally Confused.

Welcome to Steem! :) This is a fun rabbit hole! I learn new stuff about Steem everyday.

yes you are right.

I am very proud for this opportunity granted us to get more from 3speak platform, the initiative is very great.

Nice deal friend, giving rewards for quality

Congratulations @threespeak!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 74,85

Oh dang, that is pretty awesome. I might even say that is really ballsy of them. Like in a good way. I think it is really awesome that they are doing that. I have always been impressed by the team at @3speak and their ability to innovate and adapt. It looks like a lot of great people I already follow have been recognized. Hats off to them and to you for promoting this!

Nice article bro. Me like it

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I keep getting error 100000 messages when I try to watch a video.
I'm using brave for android 7.
Is this a shields issue?

  ·  last year (edited)

<a href=">,

wow! sounds awesome!

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