4 o’clock beach day in Calla Bassa Ibiza

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We went to Cala Bassa beach today . So this fouroclocky is about this special place. This beach and restaurants are located in one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza. Cala Bassa. It’s beautiful and clear water and white sand. The soft sand is great at your feet and almost a thousand years old juniper trees give shade on the beds nd in the three restaurants.


Cala Bassa Beach Club is a unique experience with special fish menus, oysters and sushi and small fast bites. We booked in advanced and made restaurant reservations too. There was a permanent dj playing Ibiza lounge music. What a treat !



We are here with friends and the boys. It’s special to almost end a beautiful week. Next week we will have to be back to all the sadness and my scans. I feel so blessed and fortunate be nice to each other and love your dear ones. Life is to short!



[//]:#!(Steemitworldmap 38.941451 lat 1.230368 long d3scr calla bassa beach club Ibiza

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Enjoy your time there! These are the things that make life fun and worthwhile.

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Absolutey one week of this is good to last a few months and think how good we have it in life

Wow I could really use a beach party like that. I always wanted to go t Ibiza and get in on some of those wild raves!

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We i skipped the parties as a mum but i was there alot when i was free young nd single hahahhah

Wow! Looks like a divine place my friend.
Hope your scans turn out to be good.

Scan wasnt good so two new ones are coming but the holiday was great to be back and battle the pain

What can I say, but that we pray and ask for strength to you my friend.
Believe this please as it's true.
Pain is a bosom friend of mine so I know what you are talking about, but each of us handle it differently and no one can say that they know what you are going through.
It's those alone moments that are the real struggle.
All blessings to you!

I know and especially things like Holidays seem to be even shorter :)

This was just long enough i missed the dogs

I am always anxious of clicking on you blog ... it always leaves me soo jealous ^^ .. those are really beautiful pictures from ibiza .. that link to zhe worldmap is also really nice .. thank you sooo much again for showing this feature to me ;)

Hi friend did you use the steemitworldmap yet ? Sorry i am catching up on comments and Reading. And offcourse if you need help let me know and steemterminal is there to

Two days ago I watched youtube channel from one indonesian actress. He is in holliday there and wow. This is very attractive place but If I there I must cover my eyes for a long time because so many tourist in topl**s. Maybe we have a differeent culture but this place still amazing. Thanks for sharing it. Blessing

Hi friend , Yes so many topless Well not me!!!! But its s great party island and nature us gorgeous