Exploration Challenges

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I spent the best part of my life with people who didn’t share my passion for travel and photography.

That’s why I very often got into my car and drove alone to some historical place to see and learn something new and of course, to take pictures.

But there was another problem.

Most historical places in Bulgaria are badly signposted and the only way to find them is to ask the local people (of course, if you have the luck to see any on the street on this particular day).

Many of them are also accessible only by heavy machinery like tractors, trucks, or pickup trucks.

Others are not so difficult to get to, but are neglected and seem to be just abandoned.

One of these places is the ancient Roman fortress of Sostra:
















But the best thing about these places is that if you manage to find and reach them, and if you have the luck to not bump into snakes or other unpleasant creatures, you will be there all alone and you will have the chance to explore and photograph every corner of them.

Enjoy it! 🏛 🇧🇬 😀🐍

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Thank you, @a0i for your tip! I highly appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing your stories! I love your photos and vicariously exploring Bulgaria through them. Where I live (Canada) nature is really nice to explore, but human-related stuff isn't fascinating and soulful as in your area.

I hope you and your cat are well.

I think that also in Bulgaria the human-related stuff is the main problem 😊. Otherwise, the country is great for real nature lovers.
Anyway, I'm glad my posts are interesting to you.
Our cat vanished, but he's a wild guy and I was very annoying while persisting in treating his wounds with various remedies. I think, he just wanted to get rid of me and hope he'll be back soon 😹
Take care!

Уоу, дори не съм чувала за това място!
Страхотно попадение и супер снимки, както винаги 👏🏼💌

Благодаря ти, @gigiii! ☺️ 🌹

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You're welcome @soulsdetour
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