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Hi Everyone,

It has been a few years since I have flown JAL so this time so when I was redeeming my tickets via Qantas, my first preference was to use JAL to fly to Tokyo. I was able to get a flight flying out at 8am to Tokyo for a reasonable amount of points. Check-in was smooth as I already pre-booked my seats. Boarding was also smooth as they were systematically done so everyone can board and put their luggage in the overhead compartment with no delays.

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The short haul flight seat configuration in Economy was 2 x 4 x 2. It was a full flight so there weren’t many empty seats. We were given a drinks menu and our custom entry card. There were an extensive choice in drinks which I love about flying JAL. The leg room was not too great considering I have so little room while sitting up straight. Lucky the flight was not that long (5 hours) so it is somewhat bearable.

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The entertainment system was quite good. Lots of new films and Japanese movies/tv shows which I love. I actually saw 2 films during the flight which was great considering I don’t have much time to do that back home. It also has a USB connector which was perfect to charge your phones or devices.

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Food wise, we were first given snacks and drinks. The snack pack was nice, not too salty like some other airlines. I chose a hot green tea which is a nice balance with the snack. The main meal was nice compared to Qantas who I flew from Sydney to Bangkok. It was a proper meal with 2 choices which I ended up choosing chicken with vegetables. The meal was sufficient and it ended with a Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Throughout the flight, we were given drinks, snacks, fruit. I felt like the 5 hours I was either drinking or eating most of the time.




The staff was courteous and we landed in Tokyo on time. The toilets and plane were clean and our luggage came very quickly when we went through customs. It was a great flight and I can’t wait for my long haul flight from Tokyo to Sydney in 7 days time to see how well it can be compared to the short-haul flight.

大家好,今次從 Bangkok 到東京是搭日航,整個體驗非常好. 從上機,到達東京都飛機時間都準時. 吃的就不用講,非常之好. 服務也非常棒,他們的供應的電視/電影都很新,也主要都是日文為主但沒關係,我看了兩套電影都很好看. 非常期待從東京回到 Sydney 長途機 JAL 會有多好.


animation by @catwomanteresa

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