UNESCO Word Heritage Site: Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex: #03 - Coking Plant

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Hello lovely Steemians !


I would like to present to you the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex (“Zeche Zollverein”). This huge complex is located in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, in Germany. The complex inscribed in the year 2001 in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. You can roughly divide the whole complex, which is the largest on of its kind in Europe, into three parts. Those are the Coal Mine Shaft 1/2/8 (since 1847), the Coal Mine Shaft 12 (since 1932) and the Coking Plant (since 1961).



I would like to show to you all of those location. However, as those will feature more than 100 pictures I will divide it into several post for the sake of readability, which I will sort chronological. This posts topic is the Coking Plant.




Coking Plant

After the opening of Shaft 12, the prodiction of coal from the whole Zollverein Coal Mining Industrial Complex grew immense. Thus they opened the new central Coking Plant in 1961 with had a total of 192 ovens. It was designed by Fritz Schupp which already designed to highly profitable Shaft 12.




This extremely large plant was one of the most productive coking plants worldwide and hosted more than 1,000 workers and yielded an output of up to 8,600 tons of coke a day on the so-called dark side. The white side of the plant produced side products such as ammonia, raw benzene and raw tar, which were used in another branch of german industry, namely the chemical industry.





Similiar to Shaft 1/2/8 which host the Pact, an artist house, platform for contemporary dance and performance known for its groundbreaking developments in dance, performance, theater, media and visual arts, and Shaft 12, which hosts the Ruhr Museum, a permanent exhibition with more than 6,000 exhibits dedicated to the fascinating history from the formation of coal 300 million years ago to the current structural change towards the Ruhr Metropolis, also the Coking Mine features some great cultural aspects.





You can find a huge hall on the southern site of the plant which shows renovated equipment on the second floor that you can visit. It is mainly used for artist or lobbyist conventions but out of event time it is free to walk in. The first floor also shows some equipment, but this time in the light of coloured lamps which really looks impressive.





One thing that I really enjoyed was this old rusty railroad transporter that was running through the whole complex back in the days.





I really hope that you enjoyed the third part of my tour through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Zollverein Coal Mining Industrial Complex featuring the Coking Plant from 1961. I always like to take a visit there. It us such a peacful place, fully packed with history.

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Wow man! These pictures or off the frame 😊 the pipes and colors and lighting inside has a nice composition. Really inspires the mech feel and like time traveling to the past and imagining a future. "Vergänglichkeit". Would love to visit these ruins! They must have been cooking something out there :)

Tons and tons of german coke !! Hehe ^^ .. it is an amazing feeling walking down the old ovens there ;)

You, @m31 have something in common. I love visiting old ruins possibly finding a spot to do a harmonious painting. I visited many places i could never paint at because they are too beautiful and unique. Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz.

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Oho, Schweiz !! .. dann ist das Ruhrgebiet mit seiner Industrie Kultur gar nicht so weit ;) .. zum Malen findest man hier genügend friedliche und ruhige Orte die Industrie, Kultur und Natur perfekt mischen ^^

'german coke' ?.. not sure I got the idea... you dont mean 'cocain' here, dont you?..

Hehe .. I try to explain it for you @qwerrie ^^ .. Coke is a grey, hard, and highly porous stone. It posesses a really hight content of carbon and has no impurities any longer, so it is a form of super ultra pure energetic carbon. Basicly it is yielded by a destilation process, in which pure coal is heated up to 1500 °C in the absence of air. The remains from former coal in this process are coke, which is an important industrial product in iron ore smelting ... the gases formed from former coal this way can de seperated itself to yield products for the chemical industry.

Koks_Brennstoff.jpgRaw Coke

This was a very important prozess and coke was used in the german steel procuding industry. The whole Ruhr area here in germany is famous for their coal mines and coking plants as well as their steel productions.. they also call this area the "Kohlenpott" / Coal-pot or often just "Ruhrpott" for this reason .. people there are very proud of living in the Ruhrpott, its their cultural identification, even with their own language ^^

If it was real cocain produced in this masses, the Ruhrpott surely would became the home of the worlds greatest and efficient drug lords, hehe ^^ .. this overload on cocaine maybe would have explained their world famous lack of humor and the agressive two world wars, lol ;)

aaa, google to blame! in Russian this word sounds like 'koks', now I get you, thx a lot!.. preparing my w-walk post right now... it would be a huge, AND INDUSTRIAL, like your likes )))))

Ohh .. that sounds nice .. send me the link as pm when its finished ^^ .. I am exited about russian industrial sites ;)


Hey @adalger, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

What an interesting complex! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! ^_^

!giphy awesome

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Hehe , thank you ^^ .. that gif is really awesome ;)

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Thx you for the upvote ^^

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Thank you for mentioning me ^^

As and ex-engineer I must say that this must be one of the super exciting places to visit, it for sure doesn't lack the machinary hahahaha

Hehe, unfortunately I was not allowed to get inside as it was closed down completely until proper restatauration ^^ .. I really would have liked to climb into it to visit some huge ovens ;)

Hi, can you imagine that factory working at full capacity.

With how big it is, here the factories were metallurgical.

Great chimneys that are now only memories in the park and gardens.

We returned from an industrial city or a tourist city.

But I can't imagine the heat working conditions between so much pipe and fire.

But I repeat that I love these images

Happy day

Wow, now these are some huge toys! And the whole place looks like one of this location prefered in the movies. Love the feelings that are trying me while checking it out :)

He there, thank you for visiting .. thise really would make great sceneary for a movie .. they actually use this place for music festivals, like raves sometimes. This is an amazing location for those ^^