A social experiment - Would you like a Postcard?

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Recently, someone I followed on Wordpress, a gentleman called Peter, wrote about postcards (does anyone remember what they are?) and how they are losing their appeal over posting on social media instantly. I've never been a big postcarder myself, the only one that I can remember sending - back to myself actually - was when I went to the United Nations in New York in 1997!!!


Although the UN is physically located on United States soil they are regarded as being on international territory. The UN issue their own stamps through the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA). All mail sent from UN will use UNPA stamps and not those from the United States Postal Services. They also have they own UN frank. To mark my trip to UN, I bought a postcard of the Golden Rule mosaic and sent it back to myself from the UN post office. If you're a philatelist, this would be an interesting one to add to your collection.

The half-ton mosaic depicts people of different nationalities standing together with the words “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” inscribed on the surface (Source : United Nations website )

I wrote on the left hand side to remind myself that all mail sent from the UN has its own stamp and frank. Unfortunately the UN frank didn't come through on the postcard at all so I don't know what it looks like.


When I was looking for my UN postcard today, I found it in my photo album as I used to use that a travel journal. Surprisingly, I only have two hideous photos of myself from my UN visit. I thought I'd better not embarrass myself by including it in my post. The other interesting thing that I did find was the "Welcome to the United Nations" leaflet which is still in mint condition after all these years.

I haven't been back to New York since and that is something on my radar so I can experience the big apple again. And if you have an eagle eye for the date of my visit, you'll be glad to know that I did take photos in front to the Twin Towers. Again, I'm not going to embarrass myself by posting those photos ^_^


Anyway back to my fellow Wordpress blogger, Peter. In his post, he invited his followers to send him a postcard. I thought it would be great to engage a bit more on Wordpress (I'm doing less of that since I started on Steemit) and a good opportunity for me to shill Taiwan. This is the postcard I got, and today and I went down to the post office to send it off to Peter in UK.

Share from Pixlr.jpg

And this brings me onto my social experiment, which I am in two minds on whether I should do or not. I can't share my address to the mass due to various personal reasons, so I was thinking to do something different. I thought I could send a postcard to anyone who would like one. It would be a personal gift from me, and I imagine nice for you to receive something through the post that doesn't ask you for money, like utility bills.

The reason I said I'm in two minds to do this is because you have to give me your address to send you the postcard. Some people will be concerned about releasing personal information, and what I may do with it. I'm not going to release or sell your information or use it in any malicious or illegal way. My intention is pure and simple, and that's part of the social experiment, placing trust in me, a person you don't know. I will not send you anything that is offensive, satire, NSFW, politics related or may cause you offence, and I will erase all traces of your address after I have sent the postcard.

This is will not cost you anything, as postage is cheap as chips here. You could argue that I could just give some Steem to anyone who responds to this, but's that's not the point. The other parts of the social experiment is to build engagement, develop relationships, and more importantly revive a practice (sending postcards) that is gradually dying out.

If you're interested in taking part in this social experiment by placing trust in me, please do drop me a message on livinguktaiwan#6787. Don't drop your address here !! You can find me lurking around on various Discord channels such as TravelFeed, OCD, and PAL amongst others. I hope to hear from you.

aka @LivingUKTaiwan or LUT

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"philatelist" has just been added to my vocabulary. Yeah, I'd be careful sharing an address so publicly, but it is an interesting concept. I still have friends in the USA who give me postcards every time I come back for a visit. They request I send them back when I return to my home abroad. It's a lost beautiful form of human connection.

That's a good idea from your friends, coz you go to some interesting places.
Are you all settled down yet? Would you like a postcard from Taiwan?

I've had relatively good luck shipping postcards out from developing countries, but I've only received 3 of 13 shipments in Cambodia, and so far Suriname is 2 for 3. Of course is not expensive to buy or ship, so that's not the biggest problem. I think also addresses are a problem. Cambodia doesn't have addresses for the most part, but here in Suriname I think you have to go and claim a PO Box, something we will do in the next few weeks. I'll keep you updated, perhaps we can send a Suriname postcard to Taiwan.

Yes, that would be lovely, bitu ways. Please do drop me a message on Discord when you're sorted out.

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I would definitely be interested in receiving a postcard and would even send one back from Mauritius. I have sent a few in the beginning of the year to friends and family back home. been lazy since then regrettably. Address on messenger perhaps? Could be safer?

Maruitius would be great, it seems so beautiful from your posts!!!
Yes, Discord private message would be safe

I've sent you a discord message @dkkarolien

Hi, @livinguktaiwan!

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putting my hand up! You have my postal address!! Let’s try it! Can I send you one too??

Yes please!!!!

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I bought quite lots of postcards when I stayed in US and travelled around. Recently, had to dumped many during the renovation.

Is your renovation finished yet? Would you like a house warming postcard from Taiwan?

Done but still one room missing some furniture. No need for postcard la.
Appreciate the thought.

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Thanks @travelfeed and @elsaenroute. Would you guys like a postcard?

Really love this social experiment and I can't wait to receive mine, thanks for letting me be part of it! :)

I thank you for taking part !!!

Hello, what a good idea, it is nice to share something with others, and in this time of so much technology is good to remember traditions of the past that also marked the history of communication, so that we are sitting here in front of our computer there was first that way of relating and communicating with postcards. The postcard is the beginning of what today is Instagram, SoMee, facebook, all in one.
Thank you for sharing your story and I would like so much to enter your experiment, I'll try, but I'm from Venezuela. greetings.

Technology has bought people closer such as our dialogue now, but it was also distanced people as we don't often pick up the phone to speak to people or handwrite a birthday card anymore.
That's why I hope I can leverage on technology to revinvigorate an old tradition. I would love to send a postcard to you in Venezuela, please don't hesitate to drop me a message on Discord!!

Hello! thank you, let's see if I can get you on the Discord!, because I'm new to steemit, I've barely a month and a half publishing. I'm in the learning process. If I try. Thank you!


I am a BIG collector of postcards. I used to send them a lot. Mostly today I just buy them and add them to my travel souvenir pile. But I have hundreds of postcards and have saved everyone I have ever received. I would love to exchange postcards with you and would definitely send one back if you are comfortable sharing your postal details. I will message you on discord! 😍

It's on its way!!!!

"its better late than to nobody" -- I just stumbled upon your nice initiative, and resteemed the blog.
well, I love receiving letters and postcards, surprising envelope with a secret inside of it is always a pleasure to find in my box. (and I have no problems sharing with you my address). moreso, theres a post maturing inside of me about doing the Christmas postcards with my 10 y.o. babygirl. this art (tradition) is not dead!! I would be happy to mention you when it would be done. blessings!

I love postcards! And I sent you my address via Discord.

Thank you Melinda !!!