My second mushroom hike to the Old Sambir District

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My second mushroom hike to the Old Sambir District

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Earlier I told you, my travel buddies, as my friend showed us his mushroom places, located near the village of Rosokhi, Starosambirsky district, Lviv region. My friend find for mushrooms in a very unusual way - he tries to get into the forest most likely when it is still dark, and in order to see the mushrooms in total darkness, we have to put on headlamps. I do not like this way, so when my friends and I next time went to the same place to look for mushrooms, we decided to go to the forest a little later, after sunrise. And I have to say that this time we found a lot more porcini mushrooms than last time (this time we were without Roman), but let's about everything in turn.

So this time there were five of us, but in a slightly changed lineup. We left Lviv a little later because we knew exactly that we would not go to the forest at night, so we decided to sleep for two hours longer. However, when we arrived in the forest, it was still dark, but when we put all our equipment in order, the sun had already risen and we were able to navigate well in the forest. We started climbing up the wooded hump and already in the middle of the climb we found the first white mushrooms. All in all, my brother-in-law and I found then 52 Boletus edulis, among which there were many adult specimens suitable for drying only. We also came across a lot of delicious Lactarius deliciosus, I haven't found so many mushrooms of this type for a long time.

Boletus edulis

Strange mushroom

There were also many red fly agaric species (Amanita muscaria) in the forest for this mushroom trip. There were just countless of them there, so if these mushrooms were not poisonous, we would not be able to pack it all even in the trunk of the car. However, you do not argue with the facts, these mushrooms are poisonous, so they are suitable only for beautiful photos. The red color of the fly agarics contrasts very well with the green moss and leaves, until it also turns red or yellow.

There were so many poisonous red fly agarics in the forest at the time

Amanita muscaria

Red fly agaric

By the way, about the weather. It was a perfect autumn weather that day, a bright sunny day, but not a hot one, the trees were already starting to dress in orange, yellow and red, and it looked very beautiful. We were able to enjoy not only the search for mushrooms, but also the contemplation of the beauty of the surrounding nature.

After we returned from the forest with full buckets of mushrooms, we had a picnic - we took sausages and fried them on a portable grill (in order to keep the fire from spreading, we dug a special pit in the ground, which we then wrapped). The barbecue turned out to be just perfect, we were all in a good mood and had a good rest.When we got home, I scattered mushrooms on the table to take a good look at them and take pictures and share these photos with you, friends.

Our mushroom find

My friend enjoys the smell of real Boletus edulis

Photo by memory

We fry the sausages on the grill

Grilled sausages

My friend is in a good mood

Lactarius deliciosus in the foreground

All our mushrooms on the table

This photo shows all our Boletus edulis

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Wow those lactarius look amazing. I read you can use amanita for sore joints by soaking it in alcohol then rubbing the alcohol on the joint, maybe its only placebo. Night hunting for mushrooms is only good for finding the glowing kind.

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I also read that fly agarics are used for healing, but I've never used it

Yeah i'm to scared to use it for anything as well. I prefer gourmet mushrooms.

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a good catch for an even better barbecue for a treat

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