Exploration of historical town in Nigeria

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Hello Everyone.

This is a post about where I travelled to.

It was a nice visit to one of the historical town in Nigeria. "Idanre" is one of acient town located in the southern parts of Nigeria.


The town is entirely surrounded by giant hills, each of this hills have local names.


There was a particular hills that was told to be residential to their ancestors thousands of years ago, this hill was named Idanre hills (oke Idanre) which is the local name.

The hill is about 3000ft above ground level and there are 660 stairways to be climb before getting to the summit of the hill and there are 5 rest area along the stairway.


The hill house have wonderful historical things, ancient buildings and statues of notable ancestors in the acient town.


It was really an interesting journey to one of the ancient town in Nigeria. These pictures were taken during the visitation to the historical town.


Thanks for taking your time to read.

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