Martha Brae River A Good Tour To hear the sound of Nature.

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Good afternoon friends today I want to share with you an interesting tourist attraction that Jamaica has is special for people who want to have peace of mind and tranquility while connecting with nature.


The descent of rivers or balsismo, known as rafting, is a sports activity Present in Jamaica as a good recreational alternative consisting oftravel the river in the direction of the current (downstream), usually on some type of boat or raft.



Rio Martha Brae River is one of the attractions in this sports area in the parish of Trelawny, on the north coast of Jamaica, where this river is mainly located.

The rafts are made of bamboo, and the trips that are made along the river pass through the luminous lagoon, where a natural fact makes the water shine.

The tour to observe the bright lagoon must be done at night and it is recommended to bring mosquito repellent.

The raft ride along this river of transparent waters, surrounded by abundant tropical vegetation, is a unique experience to enjoy the natural beauty that Jamaica has to offer.

nathsoeiro_38222811_2269113509785386_6393744623293956096_n (1).jpg

They are approximately 5 km long. , the sound of the water and the exotic song of the birds is lovely. There is not much fauna, in the place only some water turtles and lit

until a new opportunity friends a good place to be filled with good vibes and enjoy ..

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Nature that is so beautiful I really like nature like this because we will be able to feel a very natural atmosphere.

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if sometimes we require that peace that only mother earth can give us ..

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That looks like a good time, saw some people do it in a video on Youtube, it just may be on our itinerary.

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If it is a place to be in touch with nature, the sound of the river of birds, fauna and flora, I hope you can go cat greetings ..

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Never did it. But have
definitely heard about.
How far this venue from
the heart beat of Negril.
Wouldn’t want to spend
a day driving.
I’m on vacation.

if you should try this experience and tell us how you are going dear friend ..

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The tour rides seem tranquil as one takes in the surrounding nature. One thing I noticed is that no one is wearing a life jacket.

Also, where did you find those beautiful pictures?

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if the river is not very deep but equal safety should always be a priority ... greetings ..

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Thanks for your response. The only reason I ask about the pictures in your post is that I don't see where you provided a source for them if the pictures are not yours that you took yourself.


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