Trekking Adventure

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#TreeTuesday inspired by @old-guy-photos

All photos featured are from my personal collection.

Let me take you back to that time when my daughter and I thought we'd try some outdoor adventure. Of course, at that time, we thought that this particular activity was already extreme. It was actually just the second time we were going out of town. This was in Subic, Zambales.


The Subic Tree Top Adventure then had lots of activities for those who wanted to try the great outdoors. Naturally, all the activities were supervised by the staff and were considered pretty safe.


souvenir photo purchased from TreeTop Adventure

I remember trying out the Canopy Ride. Whereas my daughter was having the time of her life, I was rather glued to my seat. We were secure and the ride was quite slow and steady, but hey, I'm afraid of heights!!


We signed up for the jungle survival training. This was quite mild compared to what we have experienced in our other adventures. Of course, we had no idea at that time. We were taught to create fire from scratch.


We also got to pose by these huge trees. These were really gigantic ones. The first tree had a natural frame-like hole. The second one was really huge. We would probably be as huge as ants if we were to take a full shot photo of the entire tree.


I am seriously afraid of heights, but I'm also a cool mom who wants my daughter to have lots of fun. On that note, let me share with you two more souvenir photos that we bought from TreeTop Adventure. If I were to do these activities alone, I would probably pass. However, I have my daughter to share them with.


Presenting: the Superman Ride and the Silver Surfer Ride. Look at the happy smile on my daughter's face! For me, that's priceless! Till our next adventure...

* * * * * * *


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What a fun looking adventure!
That tree trunk looks so.... weird.

And it's a natural formation too -- the frame-like hole that is. Those trees were really tall!!!

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looks great

We had lots of fun 😊😊

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Thank you so much 😘😘

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Thanks for share your memories

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Outdoor adventure courses are super fun, and it looks like you both don’t have a fear of heights - tackling all the high up roped adventures! Great post @tipu curate

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Aww thank you 😊😊 I was actually a bit afraid. Look how stiff I look compared to my daughter 😄😄 she had a grand time!!

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Thank you so much!

!giphy thank you

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Your daughter is LOVELY!!! What an adventure, although I think I would be a little more like you... glued to my seat lol! Still looks like you had a fantabulous time though!

I always have a good time whenever I spend it with her 😊😊 I'm happy she had a really great time 😄😄

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Nice bit of adventuring there matey..

So kewl 😁😁

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You are a good mom and it seems that you will do anything for your daughter, which is certainly a great thing.
Maybe she will get you over your fear of heights Lol

Ahhh she is a big help indeed! 😊😊 easy ones I could do, but I leave the tough ones to her 😄😄

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Hahaha, always good to have expert help.

That's really cute, sacrificing your own comfort and doing what looks like 3 different activities that you did at heights, which you (and I) fear. :)

It appears your daughter does not share your fear however, that much is obvious!

I really enjoyed reading this post and it made me smile.

I'm glad it made you smile. I look back and feel good too. I remember how happy my daughter was during that time. 😊😊

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Those are awesome pics, and your daughter certainly has a beaming smile all throughout! The two of you are so cute together! 😊

😄😄 just gotta love my adventurous daughter. She had a few more solo activities that were a bit much for me. I'll some next time around 😉👍

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So much adventurous.
Those rides are awesome.

Very much awesome. I'm glad I got to experience them though I was too afraid at that time.

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Being afraid is another awesome thing.
I hope you understand what I'm talking about.

I mean not everyone should be fearsome.
You should be scared of scary things otherwise there's not point in that scary part.

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Thank you so much! 😊😊

!giphy thank you

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You're very welcome :)

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Lots of outdoor activities and fun with your daughter. Thanks for sharing! 😊

I love the great outdoors. Apparently my daughter loves it more 😄😄 thanks for visiting!

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Thank you so much 😘😘

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Too much fun! And some great memories for both you and your daughter!

I've gone ziplining before too and find the rush of 'flying' through the air just incredible.

You've got some great pictures and memories. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for visiting! ^_^ Yes, ziplining is fun. I still have to get used to it as I'm really terrified of heights. LOL :))

Looks like a very fun adventure. Thanks for sharing this with us!

sweet. We have a few places like that in Thailand as well. It was one of the most awesome things I have ever done. Glad you got to experience it as well.

What a cool time you had @iamraincrystal 💕

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I want to do that !

What a fun adventure! I have done some similar ones and they are a blast. It would very very hard if you are afraid of heights, though. I’m very impressed that you did that for your daughter!

Perú te espera para nuevas aventuras.

Wow that's a great adventure you had there at Subic. You guys looked very happy but not sure if I could try that canopy ride.

Cool adventure. You really love your daughter to do for her something that scares you. I'm sure she'll never forget that. Blessings

It looks like a lot of fun, but I'd be really scared to get on that.

It looks like a lot
Of fun, but I'd be really
Scared to get on that.

                 - carolinacardoza

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

wonderful adventure. looks like you both had so much fun. the picture are great each step of the way.

Thank you for visiting 😊😊 it's really good to build memories together. Of course, my daughter had the time of her life, so I'm happy too.