40k and the Tribes

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A rough attempt to total up Steem assets, the arrival of the middle class, and oooo, is that 40000 vested Steem Power?


A few months ago I had a look at how my tribe investments were looking - the post date is the 25th September 2019, 11 weeks ago.

Below is a table of the main liquid holdings across my tribe accounts (valued over 10 STEEM), and their current value in STEEM.


TokenAmountStatusValue in STEEM

The above totals 955 STEEM, but if I tried to sell the lot right now I think 850 STEEM would be closer to the mark - which if that was the case would leave me 400 STEEM short of the total investment into Steem Engine. But there are more tokens - all these are staked though and so the numbers don't really mean that much and are here for me to look back on (and cry, or cheer) in the future.


TokenAmountStatusValue in STEEM

8965 STEEM worth of staked Tribe tokens.

At the time, I had sent 400 more STEEM to @steem-peg than I had pulled out. All transfers have been made via my main account, and i've only used @steem-peg to move funds in and out.

Today the numbers are:

TokenAmountStatusValue in STEEM

The above would sell for 608 STEEM at the time of writing.

And vested:

TokenAmountStatusValue in STEEM% +/- since 25/09/2019

If I could sell the lot for the current bid price (which is unlikely), the total in STEEM would be 10,649.

The total value, staked and unstaked is 11,257, 2292 more than the total almost 3 months ago.

I wasn't sure what to expect here, but I guess an increase, even though the value in STEEM would not be possible if I could dump the lot, is better than a move the other way. The main gainers are LOYUS and STEM - I've staked all earnings here and bought a fair amount over the past couple of months. A noticeable loser is SPORTS - I have almost 2.5 million more tokens, and yet their value is around 1300 STEEM less.

Last time, I was 400 'in' to Steem-engine with deposits, but this time around the numbers read 2172 deposited, and 5037 withdrawn - almost 3000 STEEM earned and powered up on my main account in the past 11 weeks.

If I look at my STEEM/SP earnings from the main account on Steemworld for the past month, that 3000 compares quite well to the total earned from posting/curating on the main account - not bad is it?

In March this year, I wrote a post about wanting to reach 50,000 SP by the end of 2019. At the time I'd just landed a job with the UN but only a few days later, this fell through and I was back hunting for work, which took longer than expected.

It wasn't until September that I found a job again after moving back to England. Since then I've added, via posting/curating, selling SM cards, buying STEEM, and selling tokens on S-E, around 25,000 Steem Power to my main account. Not quite 50k, but 40k will do going into the new year. Now all we need is a bit of action, I'm waiting patiently.



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Hot donkeys!! You are the beast of the tribes! Never mind the moon... Soon you will eclipse the sun!!!

I put a fair amount of graft in setting up the accounts and watching how the Tribe owners were operating, it seems to have paid off :)

Hehe, it sure is/has. I remember when you were setting up thinking I should do the same but I never got round to it! Way to go!

The best gainers are the two I've not written more than a post for - the scatter-gun approach made sure even a blind squirrel can find a nut sometimes :D

^ bingo

Hot donkeys!! You are
The beast of the tribes! Soon you
Will eclipse the sun!!!

                 - meesterboom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

hahaha :D

That legitimately sounds like a purposeful haiku. LOL

One of the best yet.


Congrats on your milestone! It is interesting to think about how Steem-engine tokens and SMTs affect how we think of whales, dolphins etc.


Yeah we have plenty of new/different whales on the tribe tokens, which is good to see I think. It's great that most are still operating, but the plan was to try and bring some of the value back to STEEM if I could. I'm happy with how that's gone thus far.

JRR Tokenking

Great work on the 40K and it is pretty amazing that your token collection has such value. I think Leo is my most valuable tribe token.

Looking forward to vote begging from you in the bullrun :D


LEO have done really well, and LOTUS and STEM too.

Looking forward to vote begging from you in the bullrun :D

For the last vote to get you to 100k? :)


Haven't kept up on Lotus at all but do have some STEM powered up and delegated to the baby account.

It's quite niche and they seem to have a good level of content - not too much of it like STEM as yet, which seems to be working for both.

Would like to see some niche communities stretching out into their mainstream counterparts.

nice job on the 40K steem....
steem-engine tokens are kinda hit or miss right now. I am biased towards the battle token for future growth as RADAQuest and Steemquest will be heavily using them as in game currency soon.

I know the Steemquest Chestbot is also a battle token sink so it burns part of the supply.

here's to 2020

Cheers :)

Yeah the 'game' tokens haven't really shown that much promise as yet, and I think that is partly due to the lack of management (or abuse control). I see many self/voting rings across the tribes and those that have nipped that in the bud early are doing well now.

Hopefully one of the game tokens (battle is my pick too) will pick up some momentum - the market is huge.

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

that's a big bet with steem engine tokens

Chipping away and getting there slowly. 40k is a tasty number by year’s end though!

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I'm happy with 40k, will look better with a STEEM pump. I see you've boosted over the last few months, bring on the new middle class :)

Congrats on the achievement. It is good that you were able to still move forward with your plans even though you hit a bump in the road!

Thanks Bozz. Quite happy with this years effort 😁

Congrats on your 40k man! For me, that was a lot of STEEM to prepare us for the bull run that is to come. Hope you can achieve 50k STEEMPOWER next year. Upvoted!

It's a lot for me too, let's see :)

really impressive progress.

But if you are taking out 3k steem and powering up then that must mean you are selling tokens. I would like to know you strategy there. Are you selling a bit of all or only specific ones.
Personally I have been selling part of my tokens and staking the rest (but use them to buy DEC and cards <- splinterlands addict)

Correct :)

SPORTS, and nothing else as far as the frontend tokens. There are billions of tokens and I feel the price is over-inflated, even now.

I’ve been selling a few SM cards and sometimes folks pay in DEC - I’ve been selling a some of those too.

quite some gains

What is lotus?

Ticking over quite nicely :)


Quite niche with some decent content.

You really,got a lot of tokens

Pretty good numbers there!

I guess we're all waiting for some action of the upward variety in respect of price...Let's hope it happens. I remember the heady days of early 2018. 🙂


Anything like 2018 would be rather nice indeed!

Don't worry...I've got it sorted man...I have my fingers crossed. So, sit back and wait for the gazillions to roll in.

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Confirmation of a solid 2020 Bull-run right there!

Had I known all it took was me crossing my fingers I would have done it months ago.

Would have been tougher to top the Engagement League, unless you are 2 finger typing already :)

Tougher bro? Bloody hell...All I've been doing is typing! 😃 I won't be up the top this week though...Too many commitments.

  ·  last year (edited)

That's fine, and a rotating top spot is a good thing I think.

I wasn't sure how the ESTM tokens would be received, but I hope that many are engaging because it's a good thing to do :)

Well I made a goal on the power-up league probably 6 - 9 months ago about becoming a dolphin before the end of the year. I don't know if 5000 SP still makes me a dolphin, but I will be dang close to that number. I've been selling a few SM cards that I don't play with regularly and have pretty much sold all my other crypto holdings and moved it into Steem.

I don't know if I'm going to make it either, but I'm going to get dang close and once I hit the 5000 SP want to start moving more of my liquid Steem earnings into Steem-Engine tokens as well.

I've been doing the same with the cards I don't use - they may well go higher but the MCAP is pretty impressive as is and STEEM is the opposite. Good luck with the 5k!

Yeah, I'm so torn selling cards right now, because on one hand the amount of Steem I get for the dollar amount is huge and if Steem goes up quite a bit I could maybe buy back cheaper from a Steem standpoint 1 day, but maybe kicking myself if I sell a card that may one day be worth a few thousand ><

dayummmmm that is some decent numbers there. Honestly, I had left the tribe section a while back because I didnt think it would offer me that much anymore, but you have proven totally the other way around.

Congrats on the bold moves and well deserved earnings with that!

Thanks Karin! Keep using the tags when they are relevant, it all adds up!

Yes please, ACTION!!!!!!

Consolidation phase is nice, but I think we are over it now! :)

yes, we have enough for crypto-god sake!!!!

Congratulations :)
It'll be interesting to see what happens with the big PAL burn and drop tomorrow.

Cheers :)

I wasn't aware of this, will have to go for a look.

Congratulations @abh12345!
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Impressive token numbers. Wow! Congrats on the 40,000 SP. You are positioned for the next big upward move! 🤩

Thanks Melinda :) I am, if it happens!

We all will be! Are you doing anything with Engage?

Hey, add some !BEER
...to your holdings. ;)
Just dropping in to say hi!

Thank you for the Beer, I do like collecting and then consuming that one :)


Thanks Barbara!

Those are some impressive numbers, kinda makes me feel like I should go the separate account route for each tribe but dang that would be allot of work. I do plan on making at least one alt for curation of two specific tribes (and later adding others to it).

What I do to get an idea on how much in USD worth of TRIBE tokens I'm earning is sometimes I don't claim my tokens for a week and than simply check what my USD balance says before a claim vs. what it says after. This isn't the best method as some tribe tokens auto stake a percent of earned tokens but its an easy lazy method. All one needs is the will power to not click those claim buttons for a week.

Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading your next update.


It did take some time, and still takes time to curate around even with some autos set. I would say it's possible to group a few together and use https://economicstudio.github.io/vp/?a=abh12345&t=LEO# to set the weight. You'll need to keep an eye on the VP for each token though as steemworld will be way out (showing SP VP) if you are voting 3 tokens from one account.

Having some numbers to compare against is a worthwhile exercise, I wonder how they'll look in a few months time. Cheers :)

It's good to diversify. It only takes one of those tokens to take off after all!

Have you got any ECO? Possibly the only coin with a real world purpose!

I sold a few SM cards recently, thinking that to not take some profit with a several * increase would be nuts!

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Here is to a new year! Thanks for LOTUS ing!

LOTUS is doing great - slowly slowly is the way :)

Thanks sooo much.. I want to frame that comment!

I should definitely take a look at my tribe investments. They won't be as impressive as yours, but you made me curious.
I did the math on my SM deck earlier this week, and I was shocked, to be honest. If I would sell off my entire collection, I would have like 150k Steem to power up.

Oh my!!!

That is a huge total! Are you not tempted to sell some of those? How much fiat did you put into Monsterland? Wow!

I didn't keep track, lol.
But a big part has been bought from converted BTC.
For now, it's the only crypto asset that I have that keeps going up in value, so I think I will hold on for a while longer :0)

You didn’t keep track?!😮

As long as the value is going up you don’t really need to know, good luck!

That’s how you grow an account right there, I need to catch up 😎🤑

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Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @phoenixwren for you. Enjoy it!

Cheers! Need to up my Twitter game, as always :)

Mine is pretty crappy, but I will slowly ramp it up.

How can you manage all those tribes xD I have a hard time following 2 tribes, and you follow all of those?! My main focus has been on steemleo, but I've tried to diversify into GG, battle and STEM...

It takes time! I check in each day, sometimes twice 🤓

Wow. That's a nice sum of investment. It takes time to build something this nice

Congrats on your accumulating Asher! We are all waiting patiently to see where this ship is heading! Steem on friend ❤🎶🎄🙏

Thank you! Seems to make more sense than selling - let's see where we go :)

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Cheers :) Yeah it's about time isn't it? Although as I've learned from other investments outside of crypto, the wait can be long, so long!

Yeah the wait has felt long for a while now and I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a while longer. All we can do is try to learn and grow in the meantime 🤷🏽‍♂️ and stack some more steemmm as well :)

Could well be years, who knows for sure! 2020 has a nice ring to it though :)