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Hey Steemians!
I am so excited to introduce you all to the newest tribe on the Steem blockchain. This tribe is specially for both music artistes and fans. As we all know, Music is a Universal language, and is understood by all humans irrespective of Status. I introduce you to a tribe called Tunes. The mission of this tribe is to empower music lovers using the Tunes token. Steem users are expected to earn Tunes through using the following tags #tunes #steemvision or #music tags anytime one is posting music related contents. Music videos or reviews are welcomed. Steem users who have their Tunes tokens staked can upvote their Tunes tagged posts and also get rewarded with Tunes token and ofcourse they get a curation reward.


To get Tunes tokens without posting, one can visit the market on Steem-engine. Also, they will be giveaways on the Tunes discord channel. And with completing certain tasks, one also earns this tokens.
300k Tunes will be issued to the official Tunes account @steemvision and will be circulated this way :) 50k will go to Airdrops, 50k to the market and 200k will be used for community growth, curation and Team members. The Airdrop will go for the first 1000 people that joins.
To Join the Airdrop, comment on the post below post using the #tunes tag and tag your music lover friends.

Get on the Tunes discord here for more enquiries. As a Moderator there. I'm always ready to receive you.


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#tunes Great service


thanks! please kindly click on the link an and comment on the steemit post above.

#tunes tag, very interesting, i do not have any friends to tag, but i have got a small music label