Why I Love Tunes Tribe! Listen to some Disco House Tunes while reading

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Why Tunes as Tribe is here to stay!

Honestly the amount of new tribes especially in the creative, lifestyle and art area is impressive but also confusing! The Tunes Token has one great advantage, it is not requiring hard topics that can lead you to be flagged based of certain criteria. The Tunes Token united the lovers of music, simply anyone.

While you can showcase your own art, tunes, mixes, productions, live-gigs, concerts - this is not the MUST. You can also write about music you love, you can create parties with like minded people on the blockchain - you can simply have fun and eventually earn some tokens! This is a great place! CONNECTING Tribes

Disco Tuesday follows Wednesday House

What can be better than such a great combination of sounds to dance, sing and watch beautiful women :-)? To me the PERFECT combination - Disco to me started in the late 1970ies, Hosue joined the program in the early 1980ies with Detroit sounds - the girls joined us much later. lol!

Sources: DJ Dave and Noisy Sounds

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