Typeearn Updates: Forthcoming changes, and improvements(Levels). Plus, daily news

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Hello TypeEarners!

We bring to you updates and news on the Typeearn platform.

As we mentioned in our introduction post that there will be changes as we move on with the project, the first change is about to happen on typeearn.com. We started with everyone mining 5 times daily, but we now have ascending levels that will determine how many times users can mine per day. Starting from holders of 20 TPC to 10,000, there is a name for every level, and this determines the mining times. Remember your holdings also affect your mining. Below is the set up from the first level to the last.

  • Ostrich
  • penguin
  • Swan
  • Bustard
  • Pelican
  • Flamingo

Ostrich: Users with 10,000 TPC and above stays at this level. They are seen as the highest holders of the token, and they will be able to mine 12 times per day. Soon, there will be other benefits for these set of people, but till then, they can enjoy a dozen mining permit, and the effect of their Typepower.

Penguin: Users in this level holds between 7001 and 9999. They will be eligible to mine 10 times daily.

Swan: These are holders of 4001 to 7000 TPC having the power to mine 8 times daily.

Bustard: Holding 1501 – 4000 with 6 times mining rounds

Pelican: 501 – 1500 with 4 times mining rounds

Flamingo: 20 – 500 with 3 times mining rounds

This table will help for clarity

LevelsAmount of TPC HODLMining rate
Ostrich1000 and above12 times
Penguin7001 - 999910 times
Swan4001 - 70008 times
Bustard1501 - 40006 times
Pelican501 - 15004 times
Flamingo20 - 5003 times

All these features will be live in a few days. Also, this is not the end, we are working on providing additional ways to enable more rounds of mining outside these plans. We will announce that in the future.

Join The Typeearn Mentoring Program

The train is moving and you can still join the Typeearn Mentoring program. @rosatravels published a post on the details, and guides for people to apply. If you wish to join, click the post and read through. Amazing benefits await you as you join.

Banned accounts

We are taking actions on people that are using multiple accounts, and any form for suspicious acts. Currently, 12 accounts have been suspended. The 12 Banned accounts will not be meantioned here, but we will be listing every account we ban in our coming posts. We strongly urge every to stop using multiple accounts.

Stay up with TPC on Steem-engine

Remember to always follow the upward trend of the TPC with your sell biddings. Do not be too anxious and bid at lower prices, for this hurts TPC and reduces its market value.

Thank you for following our updates and being part of this wonderful family. Continue to type and earn!

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I think the lowest should be 4, which at least still gives out a decent amount, depending on WPM. But I am not sure exactly what else is being brought in based on levels.

Have to see what others don't like about this and think should be improved upon, but I am keen for the continuous updates.

Hi @thegoliath, thanks for the suggestion.
We stated that there will be more ways to enable more rounds of mining soon. This may look a bit harsh, but it will favour us all in the nearest future. We need to create stability in the mining rate while we work on the Task market, which will be TPC first use case. And this improvement will give more value to TPC. We are so open to suggestions, therefore we will deliberate on your points.

While I like the Idea of "leveling up", the stages seem to be quite discouraging. How are you supposed to stay motivated if you can only earn like 3 times per day and make on average less than 1 TPC per try? I would love to earn some TPC while typing, but at this rate I might as well use another website that gives me tipps on how to use the 10 finger system

I have a number of reservations about this and would be airing out my doubts and uncertainties soonest.

We are always open to suggestions if they will lead to value. Thanks!