Photos of real winter in Ukraine

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This year we have a very mild winter, with a daytime temperature above zero degrees Celsius, which is not typical of typical Ukrainian weather. And even today, on the eve of Epiphany, when the air temperature usually drops, there is no frost outside. It seems we will soon forget what the "Jordan Frosts" are. Therefore, I have to look for photos from years past, where the frost is pinching my cheeks and there is a lot of snow around.Цього року ми маємо дуже м’яку зиму, із денною температурою вище нуля градусів за Цельсієм, що не характерним для типової української погоди. І навіть сьогодні, напередодні Водохреща, коли температура повітря зазвичай знижується, надворі немає морозу. Схоже, що ми скоро забудемо, що таке «йорданські морози». Тому доводиться шукати фотографії з минулих років, де мороз щипає за щічки, а довкола багато снігу.

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same here in Germany :(

Yes, it's very sad 😥 Maybe it's really climate change?

Nowadays the winter is cold in Szolnok, Hungary. Or at least for me. It was -4 °C in the morning until midday. Currently it is -1°C. Some people say that it will be around -20°C and -25°C this winter.

My hands/fingers are already often literally hurts, when I get home from work. I do not like cold temperatures.

I would be happy if the temperature would not go below zero (or even below +10°C) in the winters. I do not understand people, who like cold and harsh winters. I wish that the temperature would be warmer (always pleasant). I know that there are some places on Earth like this, but those are far away from Hungary.

Well, actually, there is a common border between Ukraine and Hungary, so we are close to each other 😉

Yes, I know. We are neighbours.
I talked about the always warm, far away places.

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