The Daily Highlight Reel...

in ulog •  2 months ago 

Hello and welcome to today's highlight reel.. only highlights today I forgot to turn on the actifit counter.. but here's some highlights..

Driving to work.. I believe this is Houston..



Here is on of my leads being inspected.. and eventually signed..



I owed 6 leads to complete the campaign ... which took about 3 hours of knocking doors..



Then it was time to eat.. ever heard of PAPPAs BBQ? Me neither but let's check it out..



Then it was beer-thirty... might as well smoke a joint at the same time..



Peace out y'all... Dave


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More information about why you were knocking doors please. Seeing that you are in Texas what do you think about residual income?

I set leads for roofing companies in areas where hail hit

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