The Daily Highlight Reel..

in actifit •  11 months ago 

Well.. what a day this turned out to be.. 2 jobs scheduled.. 2 jobs canceled.. welcome to the daily highlight reel.. let's get right to it..

Did you watch #themorningbowl this morning? This is what I walked into..



Of course as usual it was a clusterfuck.. and I'm the only person who showed up for work.. better text the boss



Well I guess I'll go set some leads then..

#workcancelled ... again


Guess I might as well ride out to Gunnison and do some mystery shopping with @bethvalverde..





In Gunnison I stopped and took Alaska out to play..



After she got her exercise it was my turn to get mine.. exercising my lungs..



Peace out y'all.. Dave


Daily Activity

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Go Alaska go!! You know, I am looking at these pictures and hearing about your day and I am thinking to myself, that looks like the perfect day to fly a kite!!

Lmao. That's funny right there.

I'm laughing again just reading it now. A kite! Haaahahaha. OMG my sides.

2900 is more than my ass got in. Nice to have my meeting postponed today so I could stay home.

I love seeing the dog park pics. Fresh air is a gift to man and dog.

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cute dogs!

I love your updates, @davedickeyyall!
I hope your Christmas Day was well, my friend! I wishe you the best this coming New Year 2020! Take care 🥰🌺🤙!

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