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Good evening everyone out there, My name is Edidiong Anthony BASSEY from Nigeria(a boko haram free area) specifically Akwa ibom state. In Akwa ibom our state slogan is "The Land of promise" My village is Ibesikpo Asutan Where we have the largest round about in Africa!
I was born into the family of Mr/Mrs Anthony Essien, I am a young dynamic lad of my early teen;I am a chemist and a Journalist by pasion.
I was introduced to steel by @Voclab, I will love to share creative contents in the following communities @Steemchurch now @heartchurch. There @heartchurch I'll be brain storming on Christian motivational content that will help build the spirit man of community members as well as my humble self. I won't in anyway fail to share some of the practicals I have in school to @education and @steemstem to encourage science development. I will also keep tract with the political development in my country through the @politics ,@leadership ,@governance communities. Believe me there is a lot in store, however I'll prefer to keep the cat in the bag so that I could have the opportunity of learning from others by keeping tap with their blog and also commenting on them as part of indicating my interest.
This is me @edidiongbassey I am here to learn and contribute @steem.com ; Let the show begin!

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