ULOG: Steemitboard Notices My Curation Efforts on #Sportstalk Niche | Can we create #promo-sportstalk?

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Just few minutes after I doled out this post on my intention to grow my SPORTS stake from 75 k to 90 k, I got an inspiring comment from @steemitboard.

Thank you @Steemitboard for noticing my curation Efforts

Though my Steem account is as old as four months or thereabout, however, my active days on this platform began 21 days ago when I invested in SPORTS with an initial purchase of 70,000 SPORTS.

Over these days of my activities on Steem, I have been dedicated to few blogs , rather concentrated my efforts to curate #sportstalk posts.

I never made a tally of these curation efforts until I received the above captured comment from Steemitboard that I have given out more than 200 upvotes. This to me sounds so bid that within these 21 days, I have been able to upvote blogs for about 200 times.

My curation efforts have been dedicated to #sportstalk content as this is the only tribe of Steem that I am holding a reasonable stake.

I am inspired to curate more and hope that by the end of the month, I should be able to reach a 1000 upvote mark.

While I may not be very savvy in reporting sports though I love sports, I would love to promote #sportstalk and SPORTS at least to be able to secure my SPORTS investment.

I think there is a need for #promo-sportstalk or what do you think?

Let's keep the fun coming!

Final Words

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I hope you have a great day!

I am @Edipascal

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