ULOG: Hardfork 21 Seems Live and the Platform is Working Well

in ulog •  9 months ago 


A lot of Steemians are waiting for the Hardfork 21, and I think the implementation is already done. The platform may still be under observation for possible hiccups. It happens in every development of web platforms. I am unable to give a close look of how things are faring because a typhoon is coming in our place. Good thing it wasn't that bad.

This morning, I checked things out, and the platform is working well. Seems like the implementation of Hardfork 21 is a success considering surfing the website is smooth sailing. I even noticed that the earnings of one of my post went down from 1.5 to 1.2. Well, that's expected because posts earning below 20 Steem will go down. I have opinions regarding that but I can't elaborate it here.

For sure, many doesn't like some of the implementations on the Hardfork 21. But at least I am leaning on the SCOT Tribes. I am thinking this latest Hardfork can help the price of Steem, but apparently, it doesn't. Based on the latest data from @coingecko, Steem dropped to $0.17. Yes, other coins, especially Bitcoin, has dropped. But if there's positivity regarding the HF21, the price of Steem should have gone up. Among the coins I am collecting, Belacoin went up to above 22%. Steem could have performed well even with the Bitcoin's drop. That shows the HF21 didn't help the price of Steem to surge.

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