Reflecting upon a short conversation. (U-log)

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I recall back about maybe two years ago I had a short online conversation with a person who wasn't necessarily a fan.

Whatever the reasons, it was clear that there were some animosities towards anyone who doesn't fit into what they think is acceptable.

Along with the usual derogate terms with which people nowadays use to label anyone with whom they disagree with.
Yes, it is a "norm" that anyone who doesn't fit into someones personal views that the approach is to attack, ban, block, disqualify via any means available and of course "exile".

Almost a perfect description of an attitude that one would expect from cult members and not from the average Joe Blo or Josephine Blo.

Reflecting on the past means that one has gone through that part of life! It is called experience.


The sad part is, that I actually saw a lot of potential in that person.

A person who had a lot of energy, but also a methodological approach to things. Sometimes distracted by all the noise around them, which is only human, but that person had the ability to logically approach tasks at hand.

I said to that person, based on what I saw something along the lines of:

"You would have been a great cadet in her younger days."

Cadets as per the Australian Cadets (youth organisation).

Sure, the compliment was probably not understood as such, for whatever reasons.

However, I look at that moment and the fact that I saw a person who could have been a great member of an organized youth association in which logic and respect apply to all of its members.

The person I got to somewhat know online, probably has some sort of prejudices towards anything that isn't as per their current opinions or perceptions, but that doesn't change the fact I saw qualities and traits that could have been built upon.

Why am I talking about this?


Just came to mind, something that kinda makes me upset, that so many good people out there, with a lot of potential and who have the ability to be a lot more than what they are, literally go forwards in life that are not fair to their true potential.

So much so, that it makes many people out there turn to the "masses" and almost, if not "cult" like "norms" of these masses.

I literally can't help but sigh and feel bad at the thoughts of it all.

Instead of team building, we get a bunch of people who are more than capable not achieving anything even remotely close to what they could have achieved with the utmost of dignity.

I am not in any way suggesting that I am "better", hell no. I am a damn good example of what I wrote here.

& knowing what I have learned through the course of my life, it upsets me to see others going through things that I clearly see around us, yet they refuse to see it.
They probably do see it, but as a result of their choices in life, they refuse to admit it and lie to themselves about anything that doesn't "make them feel good about themselves".

Which then gets this entire story back to the start of it, where those of us who do not need a "safe space" around us 24 hours per day are not welcome in any way among those who do.

Life is not easy, life is a damn whore, it literally sells you out every time you think you have it all exactly how you want it.

That is reality.

If it doesn't kill you, it could make you stronger, wiser or both.

Reflecting on that little moment, I have to admit, that the above story is not so much about others, but about me.
My incapability to help others when I see that they can achieve a lot more than what they are currently achieving is something that I feel is my failure. I won't stop trying, just not sure how to go about it with some people.

Life is too short, way toooo short.

Don't waste it.

The time lost will NEVER be replaced, you can only make the next moment in your life better, you can't fix the moment that has come to pass.

Wish everyone all the best.

God bless.

Yours truly,

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Other people's potential depends on what you see vs what they want. I have been told a few times now that I'm wasting mine because I won't open a clinic or at least operate professionally (apparently I'm good at massage...though my type of massage is only nominally massage). I'm choosing not to because I very loosely class what I do as medical/remedial and don't believe that should be limited by money (I usually ask people I've worked on to pay it forward but sometimes they really, really want to give me something so I get paid in chocolate XD) Meanwhile I just want to be an artist.

I guess what I'm trying to say is you can really only help people if they want to be helped, and sometimes even if they will accept help you're not the kind of help they need, so either way don't feel bad, you can only do whatever it is you can do.

Hey Ryiv, hope you and the family are all OK.

I hear ya, but it is frustrating to see so many good people, especially young people, with God given talents and traits that could really make them a lot more successful in whatever it is that they wish to do, yet it doesn't happen because of the twisted norms out there.

I'm no motivational speaker or quack, but if I did know how, I would do my best to help out. It does actually feel really sh#tty to see people not achieve what they can and then maybe ponder on the question of "What if?" later on in life.

& it isn't all about the money, in fact money is tooo slippery, it literally slips out of the pockets in a matter of split seconds when least expected. But being the best one can and achieving goals, that is worth more than and $ figure.

Not to mention the example it gives to the generation that shall follow. WOW!

Guess I'm just an old bugger wishing that the future could be better for everyone, starting from the individual as the foundation to everything we humans are.

Nice to hear from you, many hugs and toasts (drinks) and thanks for saying HI.

Means a lot to me. Really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for sharing these words of wisdom and personal experience @jackmiller. I needed to read them TODAY as I have been dealing with the same dilemma. I'd love the person I have in mind to dig a little deeper and find the courage to do a little soul searching in order to find their true potential.

It can be so frustrating to witness someone close to you retreat into themselves and stagnate with their stubbornness. I agree with @ryivhnn's viewpoints as well and I have come to the conclusion that I am not the person to 'rescue' the person who has convinced themselves that nothing can or should be done to change the status Quo.

Your words, "those of us who do not need a "safe space" around us 24 hours per day are not welcome in any way among those who do." are profound and revealing.

Blessings! 🌸 💐 🌸

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