ULOG: A normal morning in Caracas without Subway service

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Sucre Avenue. Caracas. Venezuela

Dear readers, perhaps you've noticed that I haven't done any more posts in a while. I had to move to the big city and the capital of my country, a place called Caracas. There is more work opportunity, better internet connection and services do not fail as much as in the interior of the country.

Yes, I miss writing in Steemit a lot. And I take the opportunity to write a little.

Here in my country, people get up very early and already at 5:30 am you can see from the window many passers-by waiting at the bus stop. And you can also see the subway circulating its tracks, overflowing with people.

And I tell you, if you wait until 7 am to get out of your house, then you'd better stay there. It's very difficult to take public transport at that time as they pass at maximum capacity, even with people hanging from the doors.

For me, it's a little traumatic, because where I used to live there weren't as many people going to work as here.

One morning I decided to leave very early (6:30 am, that what I thought) to take the bus to a meeting for a job. What I didn't know was that the subway wasn't working that day.

As usual, I waited for the bus, but none of them stopped because they were completely full, even at that time in the morning. So I decided to go in the opposite direction from where they were coming from. My logic dictated that in that direction they should be less crowded. Terrible mistake...

Six blocks back, I arrived at a place where there were many more people waiting for the same bus. But people's despair was so much like World War Z (Yes, Brad Pitt's). Remember how desperate zombies would climb on top of each other to get on a bus to climb a wall? Well, it was very similar.

Crazy, isn't it! A bus would barely stop and people would crowd at the door trying to get on, pushing each other, regardless of race, color, age, or creed.

Too wild for me. So I decided to go further back... The street was crowded

My thought was that somewhere those buses had to fill up and maybe I could get to the point where they start from. Wrong again!

I had no idea where I was going. Discouraged, I continued along the way.

To my sudden joy, I saw in the distance a large bus that I recognized as one that could take me to my destination. They are large and spacious. But unfortunately, the bus came off its right front wheel from my perspective and ended up crawling on the track a few feet away from where I was. Thank God there were no wounded, only unhappy people.

Well, now that I wanted to go back home, but I met a blind man. He asked me about an address that I obviously had no idea where it was. But I asked the people on the sidewalk.

At first, there were many people who didn't even want me to talk to them, but one thing this city has is that there is always someone who knows where things are.

For our bad luck, that was (from what the person had said) very close to where I first stood at 6:30 am (by the way, it was already 7:30 am).

Well, I informed the gentleman that he had to walk where I came from and walk more than 10 blocks.

The gentleman continued his way in the indicated direction. But then I thought I couldn't let him go alone. Regardless of my appointment, I decided to help the gentleman. Who we are if we can't help people... How can I write about being a better person if I don't practice what I write…

After scolding myself. I approached the gentleman and told him I would help him. To stop boring you with my experience, I tell you that it is interesting to see things from the point of view of a blind person. Don't get me wrong.

The man had lost his sight more than 20 years ago in a construction accident. Even so, he still remembers the colors and he also dreams. It is something I dared to ask him, it was a doubt I had always had about blind people.

On the way back I could see more than I had seen before when I was just anxious to get on a bus. There was a park called "Parque del Oeste", also called "Parque Alí Primera". It's very nice inside and has a lot of recreational space where people jog, exercise, do dance therapy, taichi, etc. By the way, there are many stories about this park...

I could see a lot of things I haven’t seen because I was describing the whole scene of what I saw to my companion.

It is a very interesting experience, you have to lead and describe what you see and be aware of the ups and downs, gaps and obstacles in the way so that the other person does not stumble.

It wasn't easy to find the address, many people confused us, but in the end, we found it. Unfortunately, that day the facilities didn't attend blind people until next week. However, he already knew where the place was. The gentleman asked me to ride him on a specific bus and that's where we said goodbye.

By the way, I never knew his name. But well, as my father used to say: do good without looking at who.

After that, I decided to walk forward about 7 blocks more and, fortunately, the transports were emptier and yes, I managed to get to my appointment at 9:30 am. Incredible, isn't it?

Well, normally the days in the city are like that, stressful, but also interesting. Although I suppose that with time one adapts and begins to appreciate more the details.

Thank you very much for getting here.

Keep spreading the Steemit love

Thanks for passing by!

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YOur from the land of Petro currency Venezula? .

It is so lovely you shared your experience guiding the build man. People who are born without sight are pure - their focus, their concentration because they don't have distractions in their mind. With their focus and toughed up charactor they can achieve things.

I don't know about poeple like him who became blind much after having sight in their life. But you remind me to tell you of this guy - Rajdeep Malwani(:

He is blind, but such a great inspiration!!

Anyway... I wanted to invite you to check out my cats in my write up...


And good luck discovering the new City and growing yourself. I sounds a little hard to farthem that the buses get crowed at 6:30 am!!! , ouch!!!

Hi! Thanks for coming by 😊

I will check your cat post and Mr. Rajdeep Malwani videos.

Stay in touch

You must check out Mr. Rajdeep Malwani!!! when you get time, it will be worth it.

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Hello @jadams2k18, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you for passing by 😄

This is the Jedi way... =) may the force be with you!

PS: I am also on the dark side too, but only when I play games =)

May the force be with you too 😄

  ·  last year (edited)

What a nice story my friend. I wish you good luck in Caracas and hope to read more of your posts.

Hello, my friend! Long-time no see. Thank you for your kind words :D

I'll try to write more...

Hello friend @jadams2k18, I'm glad to have you here.

A great experience that you are living in the capital, I hope you succeed in what you are looking for, and you have time to continue writing on steemit.

Blessings friend.

I'm glad you're having the time to pass by... Thanks for your kind words

And in our words: Amen! Que así sea (Amen! So be it.)


Hi @jadams2k18

I'm fully aware of your re-location and part of me is happy for you and other part is simply worried. Caracas doesn't have good reputation. Be careful my dear friend,

I'm glad to know you're okey. I miss you buddy too.

You're going through really difficult times. I cannot imagine your daily struggle. Hold on and be strong my friend.

ps. how did your appointment go?


Hello! My dear friend!

Yes, Caracas is hard, I still don't get used to it, those who live here are accustomed to daily stress, bustle, and frenetic crowds.

Sometimes I go to my city to spend a quiet weekend away from the noise.

ps. how did your appointment go?

I did well, thank God they understood what happens in this city when the subway stops working 😄

Staying in touch!

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thanks for coming by 😄