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Recently I watched some Youtube videos of the famous North Korea defector Yeonmi, which made me want to help spread the word of hers.

When I listen to her speech about NK, it seems that I am reading "my own thought card". Yeah, China and North Korea are somehow similar, both closed countries. All she talked is so familiar to me.

Only God knows how I hate the bloody Chinese internet blockade policy--the Great Firewall! Oh, such an ironic English name! The ancient China is famous for its "the Great Wall", now there is the terrible "the Great Firewall" in modern China!

Just a few days ago, my late American husband's exwife asked me via Messenger suddenly, "Have you known the video of Li Ziqi(李子柒)?" I answered yes. She said that she loved watching her cook Youtube videos, which aroused her interest of seeing China.

(Li Ziqi Youtube video)

Oh, my God, she doesn't realize that without the help of VPN, nobody can open and watch Youtube in China. In fact, Ziqi Li's videos are just aimed for foreigners. The scenery of Chinese countryside in her videos are elaborately prepared and organised. (I even didn't know how to get/use VPN until my American husband passed away in China lonely.)

So in my mind, Yeonmi is a big heroine. It is well-known that it needs a lot of courages for common people to protest their own government/oligarch, ok? (Of course, it seems that USA is an exception. They can criticise or even curse their president freely.)

I wish I have the chance to read her book: In order to live. Yeah, nothing is more horrible than poverty. In order to live, Yeonmi and her mother made up their mind to escape from North Korea. At first, they went to China via the border broker, but soon they were sold in China for only 70-200 dollar. Later they decided to leave for South Korea from China, they had no other choice but to pass through the vast Mongolian gobi/desert. I always remember her words: "Only stars are with us. We'd rather die in the desert than be catched back to North Korea by Chinese police".

It is really unimaginable that in our modern society--seemingly peaceful world, such kind of miserable epic story can happen. However, how about my own extremely distressful story? Who should be responsible for such a huge tragedy?

Here is a comment I left in one of Yeonmi Youtube videos:

"I've ever watched your wonderful speech in other video, I am so moved by your story. I always remember what you said --- in the lonely Mongolian desert, only stars are with you, and how your father passed away in China miserably... Yeah, language/English is very important! Nobody else understands how difficult it is for people living in the closed country to overcome the language barrier more than me! But I feel a little optimistic. The translation software can be of help. Let's try our best to help people in desperate need of help. "

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