Ulog on HIVE: Co2 for My Planted Aquarium

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So why did I go for Pressurized Co2 and did not stay in DIY Co2?



Simply because of the big difference in expences in the long run.

DIY Co2 set - 1200 (plastic regulator and tubes only)

Citric acid - 75 for 200grams
Baking Soda - 75 for 200grams

This set will last for roughly 10 days (24/7 on) at most depending on your consumption.

Therefore I have to spend 600 per month for citric acid and baking soda to keep my Co2 running everyday, so that's 7,200 each year and you have to get your hands dirty each time your mixing Citric Acid and baking soda and it's a lot of hassles adjusting its plastic regulator to get the ideal BPS (bubbles per second) for your plants. Though it's inexpensive at first but in the long run? You'll get the idea.

Wherein, for pressurized Co2, you just have to pay 200 every 2 months to refill your Co2 cylinder and everything is easy moving forward, though the fullset is expensive compared to DIY Co2 at first but the pressurized Co2 will make your life easy as it is very consistent in keeping your plants healthy and tidy.


So, think always of the long term plan and don't just go for something affordable at first.


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