#ULOG56: Should I Invest or Should I not?

in ulog •  8 months ago 


"Opportunity knocks only Once"

Pretty sure or not sure of expending money with the expectation of achieving a profit or venturing to a financial schemes. Nowadays, its really hard to trusts. Any moment your put-ups can be turn to nothing just in single snap.

So how would I know?

Learning and utilizing things before taking into a considering to join. As what I've heard and seen from the News, scamming is for others who were greedy enough.

Though what IF'S?

So what if this venture of mine went fine and what if it could carried me more profits and my capital went to prosper. What if this crypto focus on long term benefits? Indeed, I am not sure enough.

See? I don't have any idea. Its a risks. It's a choice well, its my choice. Is there anyone here who ventured in #VITAE? Still, wondering though I know that I already understand the ideas of the said platform but yet I am hesitant. Hey @ankarlie bunso, should I?...
Were at the same team though but still confused and bothered... $200 sets in.... Do i have to gamble?


opportunity knocks only once?

Is there anyone can say break a leg? Or break a leg literally? Lol!



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Sir terry done already :-)

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