#ULOG57: Certified Conscientious: A conscientious Ulogger

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Before anything else. I would like to hand my gratitude to @surpassinggoogle for the token of appreciations that he has given me a couple of hours ago.

My book is finally opens, are you ready to read? but your not free to judge".

I have been doing the steemit ulog writing to #express way of my #life's chapter since now. I am consistent and persistent to wrote the things which happens from day to day. It is somewhat a Blog Diary of my life. Though sometimes, I was not being active lately and for this pass few days. To be a #ulogger is wherein you were be able to impart of the things that you like, the things that constitutes to you and those things that u do and done.

In #ulog illiterate or not we accept no discrimination as long as you impart your #life to us as we basically and heartedly embrassing each one's imperfections.

This is the process of how to become a Certified #Ulogger

To see if your already on the lists of certified users. Kindly click this link 'https://ulogs.org/discover'

If you're not on the lists, kindly complete these 4 steps.

More details here: https://www.marlians.com/marlians/@surpassinggoogle/simplified-process-for-becoming-a-certified-ulogger-now-4-very-simple-steps-only-chinese-and-korean-translation-available

Why you should consider getting certified? Read this: https://forms.gle/mpQGTEUyQd4gFC5p9

Encountering any issues follow this steps, join this discord: https://discord.gg/7YZYqMr or DM @surpassinggoogle

Kindly vote for the 'steemgigs' witness on steem.

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