#ULOG59: Let It Go and Let It Out

in ulog •  7 months ago 


Have you ever been bombarded with a little of stress and being pissed with someone else?. Yes I am currently in that situation. As far as I know that I have been doing things from my family seems everyone tells, I am nothing? I should have been good and could have been better. I wish I am like a faucet where I can let it all out without there judgments.

I could not tell myself that I am good daughter or a perfect person cause no one is perfect and I love my flaws, my imperfections. Having pissed with anyone is like a maggot trying to eat a fruit. Why others are happy seeing others in pain? Are they were good enough or not busy enough with they're lives and focusing on someone's life? Is there anyone here having an anesthesia so that I benumbed.

I know everything will be fine
.. It will be fine

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