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For the past 9 hours. I was lazy doing things in the house so aside from scrolling my phone to and fro yet I decided to watch a program in Television. Upon watching the segment of, "Wag Kang Judgemental," I saw there the Ambassador of Creator For Change whom is Ms. Crisha Uy. She was chosen by the YouTube personnel to spread awareness about cyber bullying. She decides to tackle about, Linguicism.

Linguicism is a descrimination of language or dialect. It has been linguistically argued; racism.
Also well-known as linguistic descrimination. In most cases like mine I was also a victim of Linguicism.

The worst case scenario is like for instance, when I have a caller from Manila and I need to speak Tagalog words but then I got tongue-tied then I approached the caller by speaking in English instead of Tagalog words. That's the time that the caller added a mocking voice or teasing me because of my accent problem. I am a pure Cebuano but I am not very fluent in Tagalog words.

So in that situation, I gain low self-esteem. I am in doubts when someone calls me on the phone whether if I have to answer it or not or have to give it my sister so that she will be the one to take charge for it. Literally, I restrain myself of answering phone calls. Yet, I have been scared of being bullied over the phone.

Now as I was being an observant. Most applications in social media likely were; YouTube and Facebook has a lot of those cases that has been taking place.

Why some other countries like US, European and Asian countries when they were using our Filipino language or dialect we even say, Wow, how cute!? But why can't we Filipinos love doing it to our fellows.. Is it rationale?

These videos are not subjected as copywrite. I get it through the consent of the uploader.

As for this guy here on this first video. He's identity has been hidden. One way of his straits is to keep in low profile so that no one can trace him. The satisfaction of a bully from the person being bullied has given the tremendous happiness and excitement instead.

Why should be commenting negative things instead of educating them and vice versa?

Well bashers and haters have their own reasons but do we have to take it more painful!?

It affects me. If u don't like it then stop or skip it.

"If you're being yourself then you're being authentic"

Family of course the outlet wherein I was be able to stay strong because of their love and support. That's what makes it more fulfilling is that you can give yourself a learning which can be able to use it everytime when needed to stood up from the mess of linguistic bullying.

So it must be stop. Stop the cause of Anxiety.

"Language is the road map of our culture, it tells you where, its people come from and where they going".

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