in ulog •  8 days ago 


Time flies, almost 5 months of being isolated. Been restrained from the world outside. It has been a good fight for everybody. I know we can get through this. The anxiety and stress beated up. Glad that Internet has been the biggest modules for abled us to enlighten afterall.

Though GCQ is now implementing in my community. We went outside and observed the surroundings. Everything have changed. It is like the world turn into a, 'NEW', diversified ecosystem. The healthy world without pollutions, with a greenery scenery of leaves dancing while the gusts of the wind howling. Everything is perfect! Exclude the virus that we are still facing right now.

The freedom from worries, stress and desolation can now be fades. We now be able to smile, to enjoy without fear and still we have to do some precautions. Going outside could be not the usual we tend to do as before but this would be the unique way to cope up with some a little of adventure.. Wearing face masks as always and bringing alcohol whenever and wherever. This must be a NEW WORLD when everybody knows how to value life, value people and to value the world.

Hmmmm.... What a fresh day starts.. I heard the chirping birds...

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