ULOG70: My Pomelo Tree

in ulog •  last month 


Sunrise 🌅... What a beautiful sunshine☀...

Early morning, I saw a couple of 🦗 grasshoppers. I wonder why where did this came from? But when I saw my Pomelo Tree, I was stunned. Horriedly went back inside and called my sister and trying to showed her what was happened to my Pomelo Tree🎄. A group of grasshopers eating all the leaves.


Maybe, they were fascinated by the aroma or the scent of the tree where I also smell the fragrance.

The pomelo fruit is surprisingly delicious and watery. It tastes exactly like a grapefruit but without the bitterness or sourness. It isn't that particularly sweet, nor is it tart. Apparently, the pink-centered pomelo fruits are supposed to be the more sour-tasting variety and the yellow-centered ones the sweeter variety. Even so, I wish that this Pomelo tree would bear more fruit. I can have more to be shared by my neighbours.


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