A Ulog Where I Whine About Exhaustion

in ulog •  7 months ago 

Greetings, Hivers! How are y'all today?

I don't really have a full #needleworkmonday post, since this is how far along I am in knitting my hat:

stylish, non?

...and I haven't been working on any other craft projects this week. :)

I have just been super exhausted of late. If caffeine gave me energy, I'd need a coffee IV drip or something, but alas, it doesn't give me energy! I'm one of those backwards weirdos on the caffeine front. Lament! Ochone!

Yuan was recharging me with purrs earlier today

I redid my indoor altar this week, and have been enjoying that energy, but I'm still pooped.

I'm so tired, I paid for Instacart grocery delivery. Yay for grocery delivery! :)

Hooray groceries!

This is the first time I've been able to get whipped cream in months. I've been shopping at King Soopers (Kroger) more lately and they've just been completely out since the pandemic hit the grocery supply chain, no matter which KS I shopped at. But I ordered today from Vitamin Cottage, since I needed mostly dairy and eggs and both are cheaper there, and they had it - yay! Now hopefully my whipped cream dispenser works. XD The last time I used it those months ago, it stopped dispensing only about 25% of the way through, and then was so stuck I couldn't open it for like a month or two; I just left it in my fridge and kept trying it periodically. I seriously almost threw it out, but finally it opened and I was able to pour out the glop and wash it. So fingers crossed I get usable whipped cream this time. X3

Maggie of the Rainbows doing her Princess and the Pea impression on the pillows

The functional part of me wants to do something creative, paint or draw or write maybe, but the past few days it's been a challenge to even sit up. Whee chronic exhaustion. So we'll see if I get anything of merit done or if I just try and nap with Maggie. :) I've been an insomniac too, which I'm sure is adding to the tiredness.

So what have y'all been up to? I hope you are more awake than I am! Zzzzzz...

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Reminds me of a tiktok my daughter sent me on the fact that the perfect amount of sleep doesn't exist!

Still you seem to have created a new trend in the knitting needle hat. A bit of protection with a bit of warmth.

It's like the ladies a century ago who would stab attackers with their hat pins. XD

Lmao! A defence hat!


Thank you @phoenixwren, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Sorry you're tired. I swear these times are making us all a bit weary, but you have it even tougher there babe. Sending you hugs and rest. xx

Thank you. :) Hope you've been well!

YEah, well enough - weird times and some processing but getting better. x

When i first saw the photo I thought „yes, this is it, the new trend, let them know we are knitters“ but after reading your post, I know now the more serious parts and I send you healing and energy vibes. Being exhausted is tough. I only know the „normal“ exhausted, but I try to imagine how you feel... hopefully this will recede soon. And I understand your drive to be creative (you were creative... writing is art to in my eyes).
A big yeah to online shopping! I sometimes dream the supermarket next door (honestly I live in between supermarkets, a fabric shop and a mixed shop which has yarn) would put our groceries into a basket which I then would pull up into our window :-DDDD No idea why they do not comply :-DDD

Right? I want a system where there are pneumatic tubes - like at a drive-up bank - from restaurants and grocery to apartment buildings or to a block of houses. Then when I'm exhausted, I could put in an order and POOF, via a tube in the courtyard, there's my food. :D
Maybe one day we'll all be able to send our robots to shop. 😃

Sometimes I feel like that, as well... 😑
I hope you'll be feeling better tomorrow, after a good night's rest!

Thank you!