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Yeah so twice now my phone has dropped the battery to zero from 84% yesterday and 98% today, IN AN INSTANT. It says it dropped it to 32% instantly both times, but it turns itself off and won't turn back on again as though it was at absolute zero.

The battery was already ridiculously short lived and would overheat if I tried to make a phone call - you know, on a phone, who would do that - and it's always been, shall we say, glitchy, but fuck. I basically can't use it unless it's plugged in now?

Much mobile. Such portable. Sigh.

*edit: I emailed myself this text and photos, because I couldn't post using Partiko, either. Is anyone else having a problem with Partiko today, or is that my phone just being extra?

Here, let's look at how cute Yuan is!

Yuan cutie.jpg


So I've been rearranging and cleaning like mad today, and kicked up a lot of dust (well, my allergies certainly thought so), but I'm happy with the progress I've made. Yesterday's random collection was a pile of ginger ale cans - today it's glasses and their cases:


I might have accumulated just a few of those over the years. ;)

What are y'all up to today, Steem fam? I hope you are having a good day!

Oh hey so does anyone know for sure? The tag #marlians is for ulogs, right? Or anything, like #palnet is? I looked at the trending for it and it seems to be anything, but I want to be sure and not abuse tags. Thanks for any help!

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Cute kitty.

That sucks on the phone. Does it have a replaceable battery?

WOOHOO I found one on ebay AND I had a $5 ebay coupon, so I was able to get it for $8. Hopefully that solves the problem. I pulled mine out and it IS a little bulging.
I rebooted it because it was acting glitchy again, and it seems to be that it just cannot turn on unless it is actively plugged in - the battery % still said it was at 80something, but it wouldn't come on without the plug in.
So I'm really hoping the new battery fixes it, because otherwise what is that about?? LOL

Hopefully that fixes it. It definitely sounds like the battery is not working correctly.

I got something on Ebay this week and I found I also had a $5 coupon. Pretty cool when that happens. :)

Right? I love when it's good timing like that!

I think it actually does - now to see if I can find one, afford one, and if that solves the problem, lol. The phone has been touchy from the beginning, but it was free, so eh. LOL

Hmmm. I am having some problems too. You're not alone there.
I also don't know about the #marlians tag. I tried it a few times but it doesn't appear to be very used.

Thanks for letting me know - at least my phone hasn't decided to avoid the blockchain or something. Because who knows what it's capable of at this point! LOL

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That must be so frustrating with your phone batteyr doign that, can you replace the battery

Cute cat shots and I did have a pile of glasses cases like that I saw a box ina store recently where you could drop off old glasses so I came home grabbed mine and dropped them off

I just ordered a replacement battery off ebay - hopefully that solves the problem!

That's cool that you donated your old glasses! I've heard of that before but not seen it anywhere that I recall.

Good luck with the replacement battery i hope it solves your issues it does sound like it is a battery issue

Thanks - I hope it solves the problem, too!