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spider plant blooms

Greetings, Steem fam! I hope you are having a good day. I am ...surviving? Exhausted but awake? ;)

the golden hour last night - please excuse the kitchen light glare, lol

So I managed to do a few things today. Not anything a normal person would consider a productive day, but for my energy levels, hey, at least I wasn't a TOTAL sloth.

I actually got more sleep last night than the night before. To show you how variable my sleep lack-of-rhythm is, two days on my Mi band app (which is kinda like a fitbit):

Yesterday: less than three hours sleep (I woke up in the middle).

Today: seven hours, and more than half of it deep sleep!

So yeah, my sleep is all over the place. And I didn't feel any more or less tired either day. My body is just expecting the madness at this point, lol.

One of the things I accomplished was taking my recyclables down. That's about three weeks or so of ginger ale cans. XD I am roughly 1/4 ginger ale, 1/4 rice krispies in milk, 1/4 protein shake, and 1/4 everything else. That is the Phe Diet. LOL

But if you're wondering, ginger ale isn't caffeinated, and caffeine doesn't wake me up anyway - it makes me sleepy if anything! So that's not why my sleep is weird. It's been weird my whole life.

What are y'all up to today? Let me know in the comments! <3

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Ginger ale ... I wish I wasn't so suggestible ... :)

Ha ha ha ha ha. You knooooooow you waaaaaaaaaant some! ;)

hehe :D

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Thank you! :)

I'm camping at Idaho springs

Idaho Springs is so pretty!

Doesn't the sugar in the ginger ale keep you awake babe?

Nope, nothing keeps me awake. XD I wish I had things that gave me energy, but I'm backward - things that are supposed to, don't, and things that are supposed to make me sleepy (like allergy meds), don't. Except "non drowsy" allergy meds DO make me sleepy. Sigh.
I average about one ginger ale a day because it's the only real fix for my digestion. Before I got the allergy diagnoses, the digestion was so bad I was chugging FOUR ginger ales a day on average, and still suffering and in pain. So this is a vast improvement. This is more like "maintenance digestive help" whereas before it was "trying to keep it to a dull roar".
And for clarity - sometimes I'm sleeping 10 1/2 hours; the number isn't always low.

What exactly are you allergic too? That really sucks. I sympathise... hubby gets lots of digestion issues, its really hard to deal with.

I LOVE ginger beer.. id love to make it myself one day.

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the list in its entirety is incredibly long, but the quick and dirty is:
all grains except white (not brown) rice and quinoa
all beans except black ones
all lentils
all nuts
all seeds
all green leafies
all shellfish
all latex foods (banana, avocado, kiwi, mango)
a variety of other veggies and fruits, including potatoes

What I know sets off the digestion is potato and green leafies ...and I used to be vegan so I ate one or the other in some form almost every day before I knew, which is why I was such a hot mess.

Nowadays the biggest problem is that if you look at that list I'm allergic to most fiber, so black beans and coffee pretty much are all that's left, along with the ginger ale, to balance me out. XD

All in all the digestion is 90-95% better, it's still a little problematic but not like it was.

That's the tricky bit isn't it, finding a diet that's going to provide for your needs. Lucky you can have black beans. Jamie has to have a FODMAP diet and it's frustrating to go to put a dish together only to realise an essential ingredient isn't on the 'can eat' list. At least you know what was setting it off. Do you think that after a time you can build up tolerance, or is a lifelong thing? I know my son's girl had awful problems - she'd throw up and be sick for days if she ate wheat, mushrooms and a whole heap of foods. She basically was super strict (and vegan) for about three years and now, after careful re-introduction of some foods, she can eat them again in moderation, and found out she can tolerate sourdough, so has been making her own. She's more than happy - the girl was over the moon to have toast again I tell you.

Well in the past I had become unable to tolerate milk, eggs, or anything carbonated, and avoided them for about seven years. I could have "incidental" amounts, like, if I ate cake that had been made with egg or milk that was fine, or if I had a sip of soda to taste it that was fine, but if I had a bowl of cereal or ate a scrambled egg or drank a whole can it was A Bad Time.
Then one day I was at work and just nodding off at my desk. This was before I had realized that caffeine did not wake me (since I didn't really drink anything caffeinated at that point in my life), so I thought, well, I'll go get a soda and just have a few sips, and hopefully just a touch of caffeine and sugar will wake me up.
Well I was working on the computer and phone and kept sipping without realizing what I was doing, until I picked up the can and realized how empty it was and thought "I AM GONNA DIE". But then nothing happened. No reaction at all. So I tried a hardboiled egg in the cafeteria after that in my salad one day, and same thing. Then I tried milk, and had hit-or-miss results, and it turns out that I am fine with grassfed milk, and not so with other milk (I mean, I can have one drink from the coffee shop or something without a problem but I can't bring a half gallon home). I'm fairly certain that's because their feed in a lot is allergens: corn and soy, and that's what the problem is, as opposed to the milk itself.
Ironically a few months after I began those experiments I did a continuing education for work, and since I worked at a famous asthma and allergy hospital, it was on allergies, and I found out that that is actually a thing they sometimes do - if you can avoid the allergen for several years, you might get it back later.
So tl;dr I'm hoping I can get some foods back someday, but it hasn't been that many years since I first got all the tests and began weeding them out of my diet, so it's not today. ;)

I totally feel that girl's happiness to get a food back, lol. I miss a lot of fruits. And whole wheat bread on grilled cheese. I do eat white flour even though technically wheat by itself tested positive, but I don't rash if it's white. I think it's probably like rice where the bulk of the allergen is in the hull/germ.

FODMAP diet, yeah, I was trying that for a while since at first the doctor told me I had IBS, but since it was an allergy issue that didn't really help. I'm glad if it helps your husband!

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Well done @phoenixwren.

Well done?

Nice activity log, nice photo of the spider plant, good recycling, well done!

Hee hee, thanks. :) How are you?

Life is full of trials and tribulations. I am surviving.
So far... thanks for asking @phoenixwren.

(good survival juju to you)