Happy Imbolc!

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Happy Imbolc, Steem fam! Hope you are doing well. Today it is a gorgeous day in Denver, which means the Cailleach is gathering her firewood and winter is going to make a comeback. Don't believe me?

Denver really.jpg

68 degrees to negative 1 degree fahrenheit in the span of four days. Denver weather has been on drugs looooooooong before we legalized anything. ;)

The other day I made a three-legged Brighid's cross for Imbolc out of dead leaves off my dragon trees:

Brighid's cross.jpg

Rushes don't grow here and I thought it was more meaningful to make it out of plants I know, anyway. :)

In other news, I am participating in a study that is working to make a diagnostic to be able to diagnose endometriosis via people's menstrual blood - even before symptom onset! That would be amazing, because lemme tell ya - years of suffering and being blown off and told "that's normal" and "take a Midol" when I was on 2400 mg of iburprofen at a time and still unable to stand ...yeah, that sucks. If it can help folx in the future to get help sooner, I am all for it. Info here: https://themighty.com/2020/01/rose-study-endometriosis-diagnostic-test/

They already are seeing helpful things that should work, they just need more samples. So hooray! I hope this is an accepted diagnostic tool soon.

The kitties would like to say happy Caturday!

Maggie 34.jpg

Yuan 49.jpg

And that's about it in Phe land. What have y'all been up to?

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Happy Caturday @phoenixwren, to you and your furry companions! And Happy Imbolc, as well!


Happy Caturday, @curatorcat! I apparently have been unaligned with your posts as I haven't seen you in a while! I hope you have been well. :)

Had to look that one up...

Endometriosis is a condition in which cells similar to those in the endometrium, the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus, grow outside of it. Most often this is on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and tissue around the uterus and ovaries; however, in rare cases it may also occur in other parts of the body.

Damn, that sounds sore coming from someone who doesn't even have a uterus. Hope the study bring good results.

It's super painful, yeah. And almost all of us who have it have stories about being totally dismissed by doctors who think we're just whining about regular cramps. No no. This is "wishing for the sweet release of death" pain. So if people can get diagnosed that simply, even possibly routinely before symptom onset, maybe they can get some kind of treatment and spare them some of that pain, as well as shut up doctors who gaslight their patients.
Here's hoping!