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Greetings, Steem fam! Hope you all have been well. It's been a very quiet week here in Pheland. The wind has just kicked up, which means the snow is blowing in.

Snow in mid-October you say? Oh yes:

9 oct.jpg

A 65 degree temperature swing today - that's Denver! It's still nice out right now.

I've just been puttering around doing chores and purging more clothes from my closet. The kitties are well, though Yuan was very sick the other day because I, the stupid hooman, thought it would be okay to give him a "treat" of a food he normally can't have because allergies. I got some free cans and can give them to Maggie, but normally I have to referee their food if I give her something he can't have as she's finicky and he's a food bully, and if I don't stay on top of it, he'll eat it and get sick. Sure enough, as I was dishing it out, he was right there giving me this face:

Yuan 3.jpg
I see you have noms. I also like noms.

I wasn't that stupid, or so I thought, because I thought if I just took a wee bit LITERALLY THE SIZE OF A MARBLE and mixed it in with his usual pouch kind, which he is fond of licking the gravy off of and not eating the bits inside it, then he'd actually eat the bits because it would have Kitty Junk Food on it and SURELY that wouldn't be enough to make him sick, right? It was a blob the size of a marble.

Oh boy, was I ever wrong.

My poor man was pooping liquid and barfing for a day and a half. I felt so bad. This is why I normally just give them the same food, so that this doesn't happen. But I truly didn't think that an amount that small would set him off. I was wrong. :(

He's better now and no longer getting sick all over the place, but it was pretty miserable for a while. My poor man. I won't be doing that again.

Maggie is still eating the Kitty Junk Food, but I put her in the bedroom with the door shut until she's done now. That seems to be working so far.

Maggie 4.jpg
Is there more Friskies over there?

I made my first Yule gift the other day! LOL. I don't know how many gifts I'll be able to make, but this is one that I wanted to make for a friend last year and wasn't able to do in time, so I made it this year. At least I have one done!

I got some hella good coupon deals this week with my ibotta app. I always feel like a successful hunter-gatherer when i can stretch my dollars really far with mad coupon skills. :D I had a moneymaker (that's where you get the thing(s) for free AND money back), and basically a trip to Target ended up being half off after rebates. I got the rebate money and spent it on cat food, laundry soap, and toothbrushes, lol, which are coming in the mail. Now I gotta figure out ginger ale money and paying some of my perpetually behind electric bill. Ahhhh, hand-to-mouth existence, ain't it grand. But at least I was able to get MOST of my groceries with very little money! ^_^

Maggie of the Rainbows.jpg

Maggie has a new daily habit of sitting on this step of the cat tree when the sun is at the right angle to put a sun puddle on it. It's hard to tell in the photo, but there are rainbows all around her because I have a glass decoration that sends them all over there at that time, too. So her new name is Maggie of the Rainbows.

Yuan helps me make the bed.jpg

Yuan is my bedmaking helper. :D

Maggie in linens box.jpg

My linens box has been half empty on the floor for about a week because it is Maggie's new favorite bed. I think I am going to have to keep it her bed forever. She has claimed it. ^_^

And that's about all the news from here! What have y'all been up to this week?

Stay warm and don't get caught in any snowstorms. ;) Steem on!

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Whoa, poor Yuan, and definitely poor you, faaaak...cannot even believe that small amount did that to him...

I'm excited for your pal you made the Yule gift for! Will we get to see it or is it top secret?

Maggie of the Rainbows is adorable! That one's gonna stick, I can just feel it!

I think I can show it to you, I don't think she reads my blog, lol. I took a photo to do so, but it's on the phone and I'm on the laptop at the moment. Being lazy. ;)
And RIGHT? I felt so bad and didn't think at all that that tiny of an amount could do that to him. My poor fella.
I adore calling her Maggie of the Rainbows. It feels very Celtic. She is my Goddess, after all!

No worries, you could even send it to me in a message, whenever you get the spoons!

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Ha ha ha. I would like to have more groceries, not a lambo. XD
And you bet I worship the divine felines! <3

We occasionally see those kinds of temps swings here in New England.

Love all the kitty photos! My old girl "helps" me with many of the chores around the house. mostly by "supervising" as she's 18.5 years old now.

Kitties are the best supervisors! :D

Are you located in Denver? I lived in Boulder for about 6 months in 2007! I love the place. Want to go back. !SHADE 1

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Thanks for the shade! I am in Denver. Boulder is very pretty but very expensive (but nowadays, so is Denver!). Where do you live now?

I went to CU Boulder on exchange. Only went to Denver for visits. I live in Australia.

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