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Greetings, Hive fam, how are y'all today? Not much going on this Caturday in the Velitas household.

Yuan 60.jpg
the belleh is a trap

I've complained mightily about how bug phobic I am here before, but I've been doing better actually, in that I've had plenty of scares but I didn't then go on a hunt with the vacuum - I let them live. All season I've been doing this: didn't murder two spiders, didn't murder three or four miller moths, when normally those creatures would have been fed to the black hole vacuum for sure. I was proud of myself for just shutting myself in the bedroom or whatever and ignoring them. Until today.

You see, the getting better tolerance only really works if they aren't near my two vulnerable-feeling spots: the bathroom and the bed. If I'm naked or asleep in that area, there can be no scary monsters. Yuan chased a miller up into the window right above my bed this morning, and oh no, moth. Line crossed. It was on.

Yeah, so, one miller murder all season is still progress! ;)

I've been plugging along on my hat knitting:

Here's what I meant about making an accidental stripe by flipping it over somehow, lol

And I finally got to the dentist to do the molds to get my partial denture. I had already gotten insurance approval to pay for it, so I'm glad I got to get it done before that expired. Otherwise barring an emergency I'm ok with waiting to do regular dental visits because of covid, and for a while the dentist was only allowed to see emergent patients, period. So hopefully it works and is not weird, lol. I've been looking like a little kid who is missing their front teeth for several months now. X3

Miss Maggie says henlo

The mints and the cucumbers are doing well on the balcony. We actually got some decent rain the other day (hooray!), so that was nice.

Otherwise, I've been pretty wiped out and not very productive at all.

What have y'all been up to? A more exciting life than me, I hope. ;) Have a good weekend and snuggle your kitties! Thanks for stopping by!

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Your cats are too beautiful, you had a good day, I'm glad for that;) I am delighted with those cats I have one my moon is like my daughter and one day I will show you her photo

Thank you! And do share a photo! Cats rule. :)

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