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Hola, Steem fam, how are y'all today? I'm doing alright, just puttering around the apartment. I was thinking of walking to King Soopers after I ate lunch but my left leg rather abruptly decided that it didn't want to do that (it started hurting and not wanting to support my weight, which happens), so here at home I stay.

I managed to do a load of dishes this morning (which might be why my leg went on strike ...that also happens), so that's always a good thing (I struggle with dishes, lol).

I loaned my VHS-C adapter to a neighbor on NextDoor (for analog camcorders with mini-tapes. You can use the adapter to watch your mini-tape in a VCR, or in her case, she was converting her VHS stuff to digital format and had some VHS-C tapes to convert, but no adapter). Since the buzzer to get into my apartment building rings my cell phone, that meant I had to plug it back in with its swollen battery in order to be able to answer and let her in:

phone on ice.jpg I put it on ice trying to keep it from overheating. ;D I wish our building had intercoms like buildings in New York do, where it buzzes a thing built into your wall, instead of depending on you to have a phone hooked up to it. I've not had a phone for several months when I couldn't afford the bill, and I've had phones break (or in the current case, my battery go on the brink), which means I couldn't answer the front door. I'm sure they did it this way because it was cheaper than installing a proper intercom system when they built the building, but damn it's annoying.

The other day I painted a new chakra painting, of the left hand chakra. I paint them as I see them, which includes shadows on the back (so, sacral through third eye have kinda flipsides in my head), hands, and feet. I paint very abstract and I like how this one turned out. The new one is the gray one with all the dots; the photo shows all the paintings I've done in the series so far (I previously did the main seven chakras in paintings years ago; this is the new set):

chakra paintings so far 12 aug.jpg

As you may have guessed by the title, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I will be turning 41. If you'd like to celebrate with me, please plant a free tree with my referral link to One Tree Planted (though if you want to plant more than the free one, that would be AWESOME). Each tree on that site is a dollar, so the way it works is you click on the link, and it will give you a discount code. Copy the code to your clipboard, and then continue on to the site and choose where/which project you would like to plant a tree. Add a tree to your cart, and then paste in the discount code at checkout. It will subtract a dollar, so free (unless you're planting more than one tree). Here's the link:

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me! <3

That's about it from here. I hope y'all are having a good day! Steem on!

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Happy birthday @phoenixwren!! I planted a tree in Colorado too to celebrate with you! Thank yoU! Love your chakra paintings!! They look and feel very zen!

Yay, thank you for planting a tree! <3

Happy Birthday!
Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Aw, thank you! :)

And hey, thank you so much for the Ko-fi! <3

My pleasure. :)

Birthday greetings 💯🐒

Thanks, my friend! How've you been?

Very busy and a lot of reflecting to be honest, Hoping to drop some more posts soon 💯🐒

I hope it's been fruitful busy and reflecting time! Looking forward to your posts. <3

In many ways yes. thanks 💯🐒

Yay! :D

I will definitely plant a tree for your birthday, what a fabulous idea!!!

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Yay, thank you! :D


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


What a nice thing to do for your birthday...tree planting. I chose a tree in BC, Canada. Happy birthday!
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Aw, thank you for both curating me and for planting a tree! <3 I appreciate it! :)

Happy Birthday Wren!

I planted a tree in Colorado since that's where your steem profile says you are. :)

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YAY thanks for planting a tree!! :D

Happy Birthday! Hope your kitties get you something nice. Nice chakra paintings too.

Thank you! ^_^