No Wifi Blues

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So i haven't had wifi at home for three days. I haven't had Steem on my phone since Partiko stopped working. So I'm trying Steemit in browser just to do a few things. Typing is a bitch because I fat finger it a lot and in browser, autocorrect doesn't work - as much as autocorrect drives me nuts, in this instance, it's worse without it! So this hello will be brief, lol.

Oh, and no photos, it seems. I just tried one and thought I had lost all that typing because it error messaged me and i wasn't sure the necessary reload of the page would still have what i wrote! O: i was scared for a minute.

So what apps do you all prefer for Steem that don't take up a ton of space since Partiko has apparently given up? Recommendations?

Have a good day, y'all!

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Ahh, sorry to hear this my buddy, I hope the issue gets resolved pronto!!

Hello @phoenixwren! Three days can seem like a eternity! :-)
I love using Steem Peak 🌄 @steempeak! Phones are to small
for me so I use a desktop with a large tv screen lol
Steempeak has a auto save function. I have spell check on
these ancient computers, it will show a red line under the
wrong words. Sometimes I get a error on photo uploads
I just wait a few seconds and do again. Hope this helps!

Try esteem. I used to use partiko all the time and switched to esteem 10 days to 2 weeks ago. The authors of the software are quick with responses if there is problems with the software too. Esteem also gives you points like partiko that you can use to promote or boost your post. Only down side to esteem is there is a 5-10% benefactor reward that comes out of the author portion to go to esteem; but to make up for it they also manually curate posts and throw random upvotes to people that use their service. Hope it helps :)

Thanks for the info!

Oh no it's Needlework Monday, phoenixwren!! I wish your posts w photos come back soon :)

So what apps do you all prefer for Steem that don't take up a ton of space...

Brave browser on my Galaxy, brave browser (with key chain extension) on my desktop and Brave browser (with key chain extension) on my laptop. You may have noticed my preference for Brave; and Key Chain is to die for.

Brave offers some kind of token reward if you allow ads. My prefered ride is with every shutter closed that can be closed... so no Brave Token HODLin for me. 😎