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stone arch 2.jpg

Mornin', Steem fam, how are y'all today? Just a little ulog to show that I'm still alive and kicking. Not been super functional, but alive! ;)

The photo above is of a stone arch I made on my windowsill last week. I've had to fix it a couple of times - once when a military plane roared by, and another when I slammed the window shut. I did that again last night and have to fix it again, but I haven't yet, lol. The hazards of doing it on the sill, I guess. I still like it. It looks cool in the sun. :)

Maggie sleeping 2.jpg

My lady has been very snuggly and adorable of late, and also using the front door as her litterbox again. I woke up to stinky poo smells driving me out of bed this morning and went to go pick it up. The poo I don't mind as much as the pee though, as I am actually allergic to their pee and have had to take antihistamines after choking from the smell more than once. I had this setup trying to deter her from going there:

anti pee setup.jpg

...and still she went back there. Even the VACUUM didn't deter her! >.<

Hopefully we figure out a solution soon. She's not ill, it's just that territories have shifted and so I've been trying to find a new litterbox configuration that she feels safe with now because Little Brother makes her nervous.

I am a jealous man.

My hooman.

I was here first, mancat!!

Yuan and I 9.jpg

No, mine.

Yuan and I 6.jpg

I feel loved. <3

So the other day when I went to the store I saw that the big red crane that has been down the block for like two years or something had a mate:

crane mate.jpg

But now they are both GONE! So I guess the white crane was actually a Crane Remover. That makes me excited though, because perhaps it means the noisiest parts of the construction that I've been living with for like half a decade is over? Please and thank you?? I am tired of living in a construction zone!

This morning I just ordered some more of the currently-hard-to-find allergy-safe wet food for the kitties (because Yuan has food allergies too) that is out of stock nearly everywhere except Amazon (and possibly Chewy, but free shipping on Chewy is more than one case and I don't usually have enough money at one time to do that... ). This has happened before, because it seems they can only get so much rabbit meat and make so much food - but what annoys me is that the NON-allergy safe rabbit meat varieties never run out so they're using up the limited supply of rabbit meat to make "just for funsies and noms" rabbit meat food that has other meats in it, and running out of the allergy-safe rabbit meat food with only one animal protein. Why don't they prioritize the allergy-safe one first for all the allergy kitties who don't have many options at all??! :/ But I digress. Anyway, so while I ordered that I also ordered a small bag of clover seed to do a little guerilla gardening. :D Late summer is apparently a good time to put it down, so that's what I'm gonna do. But I discovered a sneaky-sneaky thing on Amazon's part: I was ordering through my ibotta app to get a % back (cough my referral code: ptonkkp; You’ll get a $10 welcome bonus and I’ll get a referral bonus: cough) but I had the page open on the laptop to make sure I got the seeds I had been looking at (I hate shopping on my phone. Tiny screen and fat fingering, just ick. But in order to get the ibotta rebate, you have to put it in your cart IN the app). On my laptop, I was directed to the cheapest price: $5.99, but on ibotta I was directed to $6.49 and had to go find the 50 cent cheaper one. It turns out the more expensive one was fulfilled by Amazon, and the cheaper one was fulfilled by the manufacturer. Hmmm, pay 50 cents more for Amazon to torture some workers in the warehouse? No, thanks. I made the switch. But it just goes to show you have to pay attention! They were trying to like, undo my rebate or some shit. Fuck that.

This post writing was interrupted by cleaning up more Maggie pee on the carpet (I saw her do The Suspicious Run out of the front hall as I typed), and cleaning my air conditioner filter. Apparently we've got some wildfires in state again, and though the EPA site says the air quality is "moderate" right now, I used my a/c for one day after hearing about the wildfires and the "clean filter" light comes on? I'm gonna say it was maybe worse than "moderate" at some point this week. Oh, air pollution and smoke. Wheee.

Anyway, that's about it for this edition of Super Exciting Phe Time Ulog. What have y'all been up to this week? Is anyone doing anything during the climate strike starting this Friday? Be good, Steem fam!

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Your stone arrangement is soooo cute, I love the energy in general coming off of that photo!

Ooh Mags... poor poor Mags, and poor Hooman too, dang, that's quite the obstacle course and she still is not deterred, she's too smart and knows the vacuum is only a predator when it's running!

Good job on the amazon catch too! Buugggers...

I loved all the selfies with the fur babies, especially the cat beard with Yuan and FANGS!! heheheee.. <3 <3 <3

Fuck Yes to the crane taking away the other crane, there may be a light at the end of this tunnel after all eh?!

Lastly, regarding 'not being super functional' See poem:

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 1.59.23 PM.png

There is a little jumper spider who lives there now, with the stone arrangement! It must have good energy. ^_^

Maggie is super smart. She knows things. Or as Tyrion might say if he were a cat, she noms and she knows things. ;) Do you watch GoT? Now I think you said you didn't, lol. The character Tyrion once said on the show, "I drink and I know things."

Yuan's fangs are super. And he loves showing them off, much to his hooman's delight. ;)

Yes, LIGHT AT THE END OF THE CONSTRUCTION TUNNEL! Hopefully I don't get gentrified out once it's over... eh heh. ;)

And thank you so much for sharing that poem. I needed that. I really did. <3 Hugs.

I've read all the books in the GOT series, a few times. Only watched the series once, and didn't see the last season yet. I have heard enough about it to GROAN though...I found the tv series really strayed from a few of my favourite storylines in the novels, so I'm really really hoping that ol' Georgie boy has some surprises for us in his last 2 books, that it won't be like how the tv series ended. I'm glad you explained the original Tyrion line too because I had forgotten he said that and so didn't get Maggie's 'noms and knows things' :) :) :)

Oh! Sorry maybe I just remembered you saying you hadn't seen the final season. Yeah it kinda went to shit. Definitely groan worthy. I'm sure even if the end point is the same, George will manage to make it make sense and be fulfilling, which the show utterly failed to do. It's too bad, really; the show used to be really good and then ...splat. Ooh lemme see if I can find this perfect image I saw in a ranty YouTube video about it, lol.

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Oh my word !! Gawd I love art...

I picture George helping with the show, and in his mind he's just like "mua hahahahaaa suckerrrrzzzzz"

He's been quoted saying that he could have seen several more seasons being done (which would have kept with the pace of the other seasons that are directly based on the books), and instead they truncated it to two even-shorter-than-usual seasons.
What I don't understand is if the show writers wanted to move on to other projects (which they did), why didn't they just hand off the reins to literally any of the hundreds or thousands of fan theorists on the internet who could have written a much better ending with George's notes? I mean, some of the theories I heard were 1000x better than what we got.

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