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WELL that was fun, wasn't it? Here we were, all certain that the hardforks had gone relatively well, and the blockchain shits itself a few days later, just to show us it can. LOL. Things seem to be working now for the most part, but I haven't done a post yet since, so this is kinda my test post.

Yuan burrowing 1.jpg

Yuan and I are both glad we're not coders.

There's not much going on in Phe land. I've been puttering around accomplishing a few chores but pretty low on spoons so nothing to brag about.

I'm a wee bit concerned about the new rewards curve thing that I don't fully understand but keep hearing about from people who can math better than I can. My latest tree talk post has almost 500 upvotes - which is A LOT for me - but still is just below $2. How are we supposed to hit, what - 20 Steem is apparently the mark to not be "punished" by having even more of your rewards taken from you? - without some whale showing you some love?

almost 500 votes less than 2 dollars.PNG

I even bought it the max socialbot vote (sending 0.75 Steem), and tried the minnowsupport thing where you burn PAL (I just burned one as I haven't done that before and wanted to test it out - the PAL itself is worth more than the vote I got, so not going to do that again). So I literally botted myself, just not rich-people botted myself, and it's still not enough. I thought the changes were supposed to discourage bidbotting to a degree? Instead now if you don't mega bidbot yourself, you're punished. Is there something I'm missing here? I don't mean to be crying doom, I'm just discouraged by how it seems to be working out so far. Nearly 500 Steemians thought I was worthy of a vote and the system will say "not good enough"?


Oh well. At least I baked some (giant!) pretzels yesterday, so I can console myself with carbs.

So what have you been noticing since the hardfork? Any positive news? I've heard that trending page is better, but that only matters as far as non-Steemians looking at Steem for the first time, really - does anyone actually look at trending otherwise? So potential new Steemians might be encouraged, but meh? I didn't look at trending even when I was new - I looked at my friend's posts, and then linked around to her commenters and shit. So I'm not super convinced that trending really matters, but maybe I'm wrong. I don't function like other people generally, so it wouldn't surprise me to learn that I don't social media like others, either. LOL

How did you spend your forced Steem break, fam? Did you go through withdrawal? ;) Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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I think the benefits come in the form of curation..

I don't have enough SP for that to make much of a difference, nor do I "strategically" upvote - I upvote posts I like, friends, projects - whether they have whale love or not, too. So both my outgoing votes and my incoming votes are going to be wiped out to some degree.

I don't understand the curve either, maybe we need to wait a while to see how it turns out. Perhaps these first weeks are not really an accurate reflection. How are you doing in the tribes? Any good news/interesting things you're noticing?

I noticed today when I was adding things up that I am earning more in #upfundme tokens than Steem or PAL on my first aid kit posts! How about you?

At the moment, I'm worse at maths than you :) I'm thinking (for myself), just keep going, don't worry too much and it'll all turn out all right. Looking forward to a first aid post - I like these practical projects, it gives me the illusion I'm achieving something :)

Ah ha ha ha! I didn't think anyone could be worse at math than me. Whenever I had to show my work for math class, I often got questions from the teacher because they didn't understand my train of thought at all. Which is fair, because I didn't understand theirs. ;)
I like practical projects too! And thank you for supporting mine. <3

Well life is a shit sometimes. But hey we are still here alive and kickin. So what the hell just do what you do until steem becomes bigger than Bitcoin 😁😁🥂

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