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Greetings, Steem fam, it's your friendly neighborhood dysfunctional Druid here, with a little catch up ulog. :) I hope y'all have been well!
It has been cold and snowy here for some time, so there has been much cozying up in blankets and snuggling kitties. I am ever grateful I own an electric blanket (it's under the quilt)!

My view for the past while

I got to meet up with a friend from out of town and another friend in town, and the three of us went to Starbucks (I'm angry with Starbucks right now because they recently made a deal with Nestle, One Of If Not The Most Evil Corporations In The World, so I'm avoiding them in general now, but it was a fluke day with friends and not much else was open, lol). Anyway, they had an #ophumanangels style board in their store, so you know I had to add a note:


Miss Maggie has been spending a lot of time snuggled in her bed:IMG_20191129_143804.jpg

I got a belated birthday care package, and it had an Amazon gift card in it, so I bought something practical (big jug o' whey protein), and a treat for myself (this book). I've been curious about it for a while. I'll let you know if I think it's helpful after I read it:

And finally, I had to show you Yuan watching The Eating Seeds Show (cat TV on YouTube of mice and birds and squirrels and stuff, attracted to the camera by seeds):

Maggie is not interested in TV:
Fight the programming! Kill your television! Free your mind!

Stay warm out there and have a great weekend! :)

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Stay warm and cozy my sweet dysfunctional druid Steemer friends ❤ LOL

You too! !COFFEEA

Thanks for the coffee and beer!! I need to learn how to do these LOL

I think it's that you need to have six or ten beers staked, and ten coffees, in order to call the bot once per day. Stake more than that and you can call more than once per day. Unless they've changed the rules, which I know some bots have had to do.

coffeea Lucky you @yogajill here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com Vote for c0ff33a as Witness


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Loved the Maggie caption! Not had a TV here since 1983...

Wow! I technically still have one but i haven't turned it on in a few years. I keep it becauae it has a vcr attached and i still have tapes, and i also have a Wii. But i haven't used any of those in just as long.

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