Ulog Day

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Dear Ulog;

Good evening Steemit family, this is my ulog day how it goes.
I woke up around 7: 30am, i did my morning devotion, after that i prayed.
I did my workaround for like 40minute, after that i decided to take some rest before i go to office. Thinking of what i would eat, suddenly i saw my boss, and he said i should meet him somewhere that i will help him to carry some material we need in office. Winks. I was so sad because i didn't prepare to go to office today. But i had no choice than to leave what i am doing and leave for office.
On my getting to office with some material i brought down, i was so tired because the stressed is too much for me. And that was arround 12pm.

After i rest for about 20minute, we started doing our work.


After I discharge my duties, then i close for the day. And that was 4pm

I got him back around 5: 37pm, after that i ate bread and tea, then i go to bed. I wakeup back around 7:49pm, i went to kitchen to to prepare my dinner. After my dinner, i took my phone and i started bloging.

This is how i spent my day so far.
And i hope you can also share how you spend your day too.

Thank you for your time.

Always Remember To Pray For Your Love Once.

Still Me, @Princefm.

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