Ulog : light Training with Friends.

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Dear Diary;

Good day Uloggers, want to share how my day went.

This pandemic (covid19) really affect many things throughout the hole word. Here in Nigeria, we have been in a lockdown since 2month ago now, no one can't go out to make some fun out there with friend and family. No sport, no party, no any event. But i thank God that today the lockdown turned to curfew, in the sense that, we can go out from 6am - 7pm with normal procedure.


So, this morning when i woke up, i called some of my friends to let us meet in field to play football as our best favourite doing. We played till everyone got tired. We took some pictures and fun continued.
When i got home back, i took my bath then i dressed up for office.


We couldn't do anything in office, i was just chatting and blogging till i returned home and that was something around 6pm.


I took my shower, i prepare what i would eat for dinner. The i continue my blogging stuffs

I hope you can also share how you spend yours too?

Thank you for your time.

Always Remember To Pray For Your Love Once.


Still Me, @Princefm.

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