Claim your Wabi-sabi

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Claim your Wabi-sabi!

Today I watched a wonderful Youtube video titled with "Wabi-sabi: The magnificence of imperfection". The speaker in it is a beautiful young American model. She told us of her experience of going through bad circumstance- When she went to France for pursuing her model dream, she was drugged and raped by the evil people who pretended to hire her as a model.

No doubt it is a very painful and miserable experience for any girl, especially in our Chinese traditional society, it is a huge shame! She became very lonely, she didn't speak it to anyone. Later she realized her dream to be a model, but she never forgot her trauma, she even kept on plotting how to revenge against that man from France.

Until someday she learned two words: Wabi-sabi in Japan, she was released! Because in Japanese philosophy, Wabi-sabi/imperfection is just part of perfection, learn to claim your Wabi-sabi!

Oh, what does "Wabi-sabi" mean?

From this video we are told that Wabi-sabi is the most essential of all Japanese principles. Wabi-sabi states that the beauty of any object lies in the flaws of that object. Things such as mistakes and damages, or--ruined parts, those are actually designed in.

And the beauty is a study in contrasts, something can only be seen to embody perfection, if it also embodies a correlate degree of imperfection.

I love this video so much. It seems that we all should learn to claim our Wabi-sabi, since imperfection is just part of perfection itself.

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